Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun with Drones

From Steve Watson's 6-18-14 Infowars article entitled "'Riot Control' Drone to Shoot Pepper Spray at Protesters":

"A drone that is capable of firing 400 rounds of pepper spray and paint balls, as well as employing 'blinding lasers' and loudspeakers to deter protesters, has been developed and sold to an undisclosed company following a demonstration at a trade show in London.

"Reports indicate that an undisclosed mining company in South Africa has purchased 25 of the 'Skunk riot control copter' devices developed by military surveillance and communications contractor Desert Wolf.

"The company’s website describes the drone as being 'equipped with 4 high-capacity paint ball barrels firing at up to 20 bullets per second each, with 80 Pepper bullets per second stopping any crowd in its tracks.'

"'The current hopper capacity of 4000 bullets and High Pressure Carbon Fiber Air system it allows for real stopping power,' the description continues. 'Bright strobe lights, blinding Lasers and with on-board speakers enables communication and warnings to the crowd,' the company also notes.

"Defence Web notes that the eight-rotored drone also has high definition and thermal vision cameras, and comes with a ground control station to be operated by two people.
"Desert Wolf’s director, Hennie Kieser, notes that the operators will be monitored by a camera and microphone, to ensure that they are not 'too aggressive'.
"Exactly who will be watching them on the camera and listening to them on the microphone is not explained."
To read the rest of Watson's article, click HERE.

Here's a related article, this one from today's L.A. Times, about a "mystery" drone that was "smashed to bits" by a mob of L.A. Kings fans outside Staples Center in Los Angeles.  According to Joseph Serna and Brian Bennett of the L.A. Times:

"[A]s the aircraft hovered over the throngs of fans last week, people took it upon themselves to let the drone know it wasn’t welcome. A mob mentality set in and soon after, revelers were throwing everything they could to knock the drone down -- minus the kitchen sink.

"After a light tap from an unidentified object on its left side, a black Kings T-shirt knocked the drone on the right and sent it careening down within arm’s reach of the fans.

"Video footage shows the drone getting pulled into the mass, where it was smashed to bits by a skateboard, according to the person who posted the video.

"The owner of the drone hasn’t come forward, Los Angeles police said, and the Staples Center and Kings organizations have said the aircraft wasn’t theirs."
To read the entire L.A. Times article, click HERE.

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