Friday, June 6, 2014

John Keel on David Letterman

I had no idea that John A. Keel (author of such groundbreaking books as Jadoo, Strange Creatures from Time and SpaceOur Haunted Planet, and many others) once appeared on a very early version of the David Letterman show.  I just happened to stumble across this footage the other day thanks to the beauty of synchronicity.  Apparently, this interview occurred on July 28, 1980 when Keel was still the editor-in-chief of Pursuit Magazine.  Note that the closest Keel gets to outlining his "ultraterrestrial theory" about the paranormal (explored in-depth in such books as UFOs: Operation Trojan HorseThe Mothman Prophecies and The Eighth Tower) is when he tosses out the line, "The same place the dinosaurs are coming from."  Keel probably felt that delving any deeper into the theory would have been far too heady for the average television viewer in 1980 (and his instincts were no doubt correct).  For a variety of reasons, it's fascinating to see Keel do his best to discuss his work in such a superficial venue.  Click HERE to watch the eight-minute-long conversation.

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