Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More on the Orlando Massacre: A Second Perpetrator on Scene?

As with so many of these mass shootings, early eyewitness reports often indicate that either a second or third perpetrator is on scene helping the "lone nut" pull off the crime.  If you go back and listen to my 6-5-16 interview on Adam Sayne's Conspiranormal podcast (fast forward to approximately 1:54:00 to hear my precise comments), I very clearly predict that similar eyewitness reports will emerge during the "next" mass shooting.  Judging by the following report regarding the Orlando massacre, my prediction was spot-on.  An eyewitness has been recorded describing the presence of a second perpetrator on scene who tried to prevent the victims from fleeing the Pulse nightclub while the shooting was underway.  Here are the eyewitness's exact words:  "There was a guy there that was trying to hold the door closed so that we didn't exit."  It's clear from the context of the call that this "guy" holding the door closed was not the shooter himself.  Click HERE to listen to the complete eyewitness report.    

Also, I highly recommend checking out Jon Rappoport's latest post about the tragedy in Orlando.  Read Rappoport's  "Orlando Shooter:  Deeper Hidden Ties to the FBI?" by clicking right HERE.

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