Friday, June 10, 2016

ReFocus: The Films of Budd Boetticher

Edinburgh University Press has recently launched a fascinating new series of books entitled ReFocus.  The purpose of this series, according to editors Gary D. Rhodes and Robert Singer, is "to produce new critical volumes from an interdisciplinary perspective which bring influential, yet neglected, American directors to the attention of a new audience of scholars and students in both Film Studies and American Studies."  

The next volume will shine a spotlight on Budd Boetticher, a trailblazing director best known for a series of innovative and subversive westerns produced at breakneck speed during the late 1950s and early 1960s.  The anthology will include my essay, "The Box in the Desert:  Budd Boetticher, Breaking Bad, and the 21st Century Western" (6,000 words), which covers such films as Seven Men from Now (1956), Decision at Sundown (1957), Ride Lonesome (1959), and Comanche Station (1960).  

ReFocus:  The Films of Budd Boetticher is scheduled to be released in the Autumn of 2016.

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