Monday, October 3, 2016

Gloria Naylor, R.I.P. (1950-2016)

Gloria Naylor, author of many critically acclaimed novels such The Women of Brewster Place (1982) and Mama Day (1988), passed away on September 28th at the age of 66.  It's important to point out that her final book, 1996, is a semi-autobiographical novel about her harrowing experiences being gangstalked by agents of the United States government.  Since no mainstream publisher in New York would dare to touch the manuscript, 1996 was eventually released in 2005 by an independent publisher, Third World PressNaylor's obituary in today's edition of the New York Times makes absolutely no mention of 1996, despite the fact that it's undoubtedly her most significant novel from both a historical and literary perspective.  If you wish to read an interview with Naylor in which she discusses the genesis of 1996 and the circumstances of her harassment, then click HERE.


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