Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quote of the Day (or) Scream and Scream Again

From Gordon Hessler's Scream and Scream Again (AIP, 1970):

Dr. Sorel (Christopher Matthews):  So you created life.  It's the old mad scientist's dream.  Let's play God.

Dr. Browning (Vincent Prince):  My dear young man, you know as well as I do that God is dying all over the world.  Man invented Him, but doesn't need Him anymore.  Man is God now.  As a matter of fact, he always was.

Dr. Sorel:  So where will this end?

Dr. Browning:  Overpopulation.  Pollution.  Famine.  Nuclear holocaust.  War.  This civilization is driving us into the sea of extinction.  The keynote is control.

Dr. Sorel:  But that's the province of politicians, not scientists.

Dr. Browning:  Yes, but we're the only ones who are trying to combat the problem now.  In twenty years time we will be in positions of power, and then we'll be ready to act for the good of humanity.

Dr. Sorel:  We?

Dr. Browning:  You didn't think I was in it alone, did you?  Did you think I could do it all on my own?

Dr. Sorel:  There are more of you doing this work?

Dr. Browning:  Not many.  But more, yes.  We're like a slowly growing organism--in its infancy now, but gradually it will mature.

Dr. Sorel:  A super race?

Dr. Browning:  Well, yes.  But not an evil super race.  Still, in the future there won't be any room for imperfection.

Dr. Sorel:  Who chooses?

Dr. Browning:  In medicine, as you know it, your organ transplants are forcing a choice.  I mean, who should have another heart?  The mental deficient or the great philosopher?  Hm?  Or an artist, or some great statesman?  Now, don't tell me that you would choose the deficient.  No, you see, your society is taking the first baby steps that we took years ago.

Dr. Sorel:  You seem to forget, doctor, you have to murder them.

Dr. Browning:  Well, my dear young man, we are for the future....

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