Monday, December 18, 2017

Make This An UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES Christmas!

Please feel free to annoy your most humorless friends this Christmas by giving them a copy of my new book, UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES, a darkly satirical novel about a young stand-up comedian who must adapt as best he can to an apocalyptic virus that destroys only the humor centers of the brain.  Watch your friends' eyes being propelled from their soon-to-be hollow sockets as that pesky humor virus explodes their medulla oblongata from the inside out!  O, what joy!  O, what gaiety!  O, what cheeky Christmas cheer!  (We here at thank you in advance for your Yuletide patronage and assure you that we take no legal responsibility for any unavoidable fatalities that may result from purely inadvertent humor-overdoses induced by reading UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES too enthusiastically and without the proper medical supervision.)  MAHALO, my Constant Readers, MAHALO!!!

By the way, if you've already read the book, I urge you to take just a few moments to post a review on Amazon.  You'd be amazed how much this helps raise the profile of a new novel.  Cheers, my friends!

"Until the Last Dog Dies is not only a novel unique to this [political] moment, but one that is to stand-up comedy what Catch-22 was to war.  It's one of the great books of the year."--Adam-Troy Castro, SCI FI Magazine

“Taps into the cultural zeitgeist . . . A nihilistic satire that takes the idea that death is easy and comedy is hard to a whole new level.”—Kirkus Reviews 

“Guffey’s debut takes full advantage of an absurd, unexpected premise, delivering one of the strangest dystopian novels in a year filled with them.”―B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“Guffey’s sardonic, cleverly written comedic debut relies heavily on absurd synchronicity, bold characterization, and heavy irony to make its points about the apocalyptic nature of American humorlessness.”—Publishers Weekly 

“A playful amalgam of Andy Kaufman and Philip K. Dick by way of Shaun of the Dead.” —Damien Lincoln Ober, author of Doctor Benjamin Franklin's Dream America 

“This satirical tale explores the role of comedy in maintaining a healthy democracy. . . . A clever concept.”—Kirkus Reviews

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