Thursday, December 28, 2017

Spend New Year's Transcending Reality!

The raw, unedited version of my TRANSCENDING REALITIES television interview, produced by Ivolve TV, has been posted on YouTube.  Watch as a quartet of cutting-edge cryptoscatologists (consisting of Melinda Leslie, Miesha Johnston, Lorien Fenton, and Skye) grill Yours Truly about such transgressive subject matter as Homeland Security Fuckery amped to the nth degree, covert invisibility technology, faked alien abductions, out-of-control government surveillance, roving amorphous energy-beings, Operation Mind Control, and my strange-but-true journalistic memoir CHAMELEO.  Feel free to revel in chaos this New Year's and TRANSCEND REALITY!!!

Note:  I make my appearance at around 29:50....

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