Saturday, December 15, 2018

Harlan Ellison: "A Scene with Frank Sinatra"

The video below, posted just a few days ago on YouTube, is an entertaining interview with the late HARLAN ELLISON (author of DEATHBIRD STORIES, SHATTERDAY, ANGRY CANDY, and many other classic short story collections) in which Ellison recounts his now infamous run-in with Frank Sinatra and his goons late one night in a Beverly Hills nightclub called The Daisy, as documented by Gay Talese in his legendary 1966 Esquire article "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold."  At one point in the article Talese writes:  "[T]hree minutes after it was over, Frank Sinatra had probably forgotten about it for the rest of his lifeas Ellison will probably remember it for the rest of his life: he had had, as hundreds of others before him, at an unexpected moment between darkness and dawn, a scene with Sinatra."  You can read the entirety of Talese's Esquire article right HERE.

Harlan Ellison on Esquire's "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" by Gay Talese:

On a related note, Turner Classic Movies has given Ellison a nod of recognition in their annual "TCM Remembers" tribute (at approximately 2:23)....

TCM Remembers 2018:


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