Saturday, December 22, 2018

Update from the Guffey Fiction Factory!

Heads-up!  The following stories are forthcoming in 2019 from The Guffey Fiction Factory (which is located--according to certain scholars who have researched these arcane matters--somewhere in between Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and Thomas Ligotti's Nightmare Factory):

"This Wound of Glass" (7,300 words) in NEW READER MAGAZINE #4.

"Farewell, Frankenstein!" (10,500 words) in FREEDOM OF SCREECH edited by Craig Spector.

"The Loser" (13,000 words) in BLACK CAT MYSTERY MAGAZINE.

"The Last Nihilist Poet of Earth vs. the Radioactive Monkeys from Mars" (560 words) in THE COCKROACH CONSERVATORY VOL. 2 

"Dymaxion Love" (6,400 words) in HYPNOS.

"The Detective with the Glass Gun" (6,000 words) in BLACK DANDY #3.

"The Advertising Man" (7,500 words) in NAMELESS.

Keep yer eye on this blog for further vital information as it develops!!!

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