Thursday, October 31, 2019

Partying with the Frankenstein Monster!

For those of you who have not yet bought a copy of Craig Spector's new anthology, FREEDOM OF SCREECH, you must beware, for you have now incurred the wrath of the Frankenstein Monster! "Rarrrrrrgh!" the Monster said to me upon interviewing him about his participation in the anthology during a Halloween party in Long Beach, California. When asked for an official statement, he replied as follows: "Curse those of you vile insects who have willfully failed to purchase the most cutting-edge horror anthology published in the past twenty years! Do you not know that this quaint and curious and inflammatory volume of triggering lore consists of a plethora of transgressive tales by the likes of Norman Spinrad, Richard Christian Matheson, Chet Williamson, Jack Ketchum, Thomas F. Monteleone, and Elizabeth Massie? Why, it even includes a horrifically STRANGE BUT TRUE STORY--as reported by none other than the journalist to whom I now speak, Robert Guffey--about the legendary celebrity tell-all the talented Mrs. Percy Shelley penned in my honor over two hundred years ago! The story in question is entitled 'Farewell, Frankenstein!' I daresay, one cannot survive--before or after one's untimely death--without having read this masterpiece of contemporary cult literature. Heed my words, puny mortals: BUY FREEDOM OF SCREECH FORTHWITH OR I SHALL BE FORCED TO CRUSH YOUR CONTEMPTIBLE SKULLS!" The Monster then became so overwrought that I had to offer him twelve drams of laudanum to calm him down. He's now in my guest room, sleeping like a baby, a battered first edition of THE SORROWS OF YOUNG WERTHER clutched in his massive, scarred hands. I have to finish this post quickly now, before he wakes up and demands that I drive him home. (He dislikes Uber drivers with a passion, but that's a long story best left for a future post.) Alas, in his drug-induced stupor, he trashed my living room and three-quarters of my beloved terrarium. This is the last time I party with the Frankenstein Monster on All Hallows' Eve. Live and learn, my dear friends, live and learn....

To comply with the Frankenstein Monster's passionate wishes, feel free to purchase a copy of FREEDOM OF SCREECH right HERE!

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