Saturday, March 21, 2020

Patrol Drones Urge People to Stay Indoors

From Dan Robitzski's 3-16-20 Futurism article entitled "SPANISH POLICE USING DRONES TO YELL AT PEOPLE BREAKING QUARANTINE":

In response to a sudden increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19, police in Spain are using drones to patrol towns and urge people to stay indoors.
The country issued a state of emergency on Friday, and on Saturday the government ordered everyone in the country to stay home for all but the most crucial trips outdoors, according to Business Insider. And now, like in China earlier this year, Spanish police are hoping to shame people into staying indoors without having to approach them and risk spreading disease.
Footage from the BBC shows police speaking into a radio and urging people walking through a Madrid park to go home. Meanwhile, a drone flying overhead relays the message to the people who were outside in spite of the quarantine.
Cops using drones to yell at people to stay inside sounds like something straight out of a cyberpunk dystopia....

To read the entire piece, click HERE.

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