Sunday, March 29, 2020

"Watch Out or You'll End up in My Novel" & Other New Releases!

Yesterday I received my contributor's copy of John Fante's Ask the Dust: A Joining of Voices and Views edited by Stephen Cooper and Clorinda Donato (and published by Fordham University Press). This anthology includes my essay entitled "Watch Out or You'll End up in My Novel: The Lost World of Ask the Dust," which explores the influence of Ask the Dust on Noah Van Sciver's Fante Bukowski graphic novels as well as many other obscure and unexpected tributaries that branch out from Fante's classic 1939 novel, Ask the Dust. The anthology includes illuminating pieces by Charles Bukowski, Fante biographer Stephen Cooper, documentarian Jan Louter, filmmaker Robert Towne, John Fante himself, and many others! (A Scholarly Intersections event celebrating the publication of the anthology was to have taken place at CSU Long Beach in April, but this has now been delayed until the fall semester.) 

2020 has also seen the release of a few other new Guffey publications, including Part Two of my serialized short story "A Scarcity of Angels" (5,200 words) in Selene Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 4. This issue contains stories and poems by the likes of Shwetha H S, Julie Kelso, and Lynn Rushlau....

Early in January, my short story "The Advertising Man" (7,500 words) appeared in Nameless Magazine Volume 2, Issue 4 alongside other "macabre, weird, uncanny, and esoteric" tales by William F. Nolan, Darrell Schweitzer, and Don Webb!

Many other stories and articles are scheduled to appear later in 2020. Stay tuned!!!

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