Monday, June 1, 2020

Blood, Carnage and the Agent Provocateur

"It's a strange world filled with odd-shaped folk."
--Robert Sheckley

Last night, as the National Guard was being deployed near Cryptoscatology Headquarters in Long Beach, California, I searched the words "Long Beach" on Twitter and came across this message. The last sentence stood out to me:

"Long Beach protestors this car is a trap! The p0lice parked the car in front of the convention center bc that’s where they are stationed! Don’t get caught destroying the trap car. Ignore it, walk by it, keep the message going!!! They’ve been planting brick piles on sidewalks too!" 

Then, not long afterwards, I saw this video (from Dallas).  

This video was shot at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. Scroll all the way down to the video entitled "Claims Raised of Cops Provoking Riots" (1:24).

And this video was shot in Seattle.

To put all of this into a historical perspective, I highly recommend reading Alex Constantine's 1993 book entitled Blood, Carnage and the Agent Provocateur: Truth About the Los Angeles Riots and the Secret War Against L.A.'s Minorities.

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