Thursday, December 24, 2020

Guy N. Smith, R.I.P. (1939-2020)

The website of prolific horror writer Guy N. Smith, author of such infamous novels as NIGHT OF THE CRABS (1976), KILLER CRABS (1978), THE ORIGIN OF THE CRABS (1979), CRABS ON THE RAMPAGE (1981), and CRABS' MOON (1984), posted the following announcement earlier today:

It is with great sadness, especially at this time of year, that we have to report that after a spending short time in hospital following a fall, Guy passed away this morning (24th Dec 2020). Guy had tested positive for COVID-19. We are all in shock at the moment and will put more information here when we have it available. Our thoughts go out to his wife Jean and his four children.

Guy had some titles in production and we suspect these will be published in the new year....

To read the full announcement, click HERE

And to read Smith's 3-27-20 blog post about the connection between the coronavirus and his 1978 novel, BATS OUT OF HELL, click HERE.

"Crabs enjoy nothing more than a nice rampage, so for them it's an excellent bonus to discover that someone has brought their favorite food to the party: human guts. Don't mind if I do, say the crabs, although in their language it sounds more like clickety-click-click, as they start with the tramp platter.

"As the crabs topple our bridges, it seems that humanity has no choice--mankind is on the menu. Yet King Crab has made one fatal miscalculation. He has eaten Professor Cliff Davenport's favorite nephew. Now it's personal."

--Grady Hendrix, PAPERBACKS FROM HELL, 2017

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