Saturday, July 31, 2021

Jonathan Wojcik: "AAAHH!! REAL ALIENS!"

Below you'll find a brief excerpt from a blog post by Jonathan Wojcik. The post (entitled "AAAHH!! REAL ALIENS!") is thematically similar to a pair of excellent articles by Jerome Clark that appeared in Mark Chorvinsky's STRANGE MAGAZINE #10. From 1987 to 1998, STRANGE MAGAZINE was consistently the most imaginative and informative of all Fortean print magazines. In Clark's two articles (entitled "Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1901-1959" and "Where Were the 'Grays'?"), he points out that in in pre-1960 close encounters there's a near-total absence of "little gray men of the sort that would figure prominently in reports of UFO abductions" during the 1960s and afterwards. Instead, the 1901-1959 reports are festooned with a variety of different lifeforms that range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Wojcik explores this idea further on his BOGLEECH blog. The incidents cited by Wojcik range from 1952 to 1989:

When most people think of allegedly "true" alien encounters, they think of little grey men with big black eyeballs, beaming people out of their beds for strange medical experiments. In reality, before the popularity of the "greys," people around the world reported a fantastic variety of otherworldly visitors exhibiting inexplicable and often disturbing behavior. It's likely that many of these incidents are either powerful delusions or flagrant lies, but we're not here to pass judgment or debate the paranormal; no matter the truth, accounts like these form a fascinating modern mythology all their own, and even the most jaded skeptic should appreciate the rich imagination it would take to cook up eerie manifestations like these...

To read Wojcik's entire post, click HERE.

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