Wednesday, July 14, 2021


From David Griner's 6-25-21 ADWEEK article entitled "The Government's UFO Report Led Oreo to Create a Fan-Curated Offering to Aliens":

Oreo is increasingly prepared for existential threats from space.

In 2020, the brand—with agencies The Community and 360i—created an underground Arctic vault to protect a cache of Oreos from an apocalyptic meteor strike. Luckily, asteroid 2018 VP1 soared harmlessly past Earth, and Oreo’s doomsday vault was named by Adweek readers as their favorite marketing stunt of the year.

Today, Oreo posted the next line of defense in its space-centric strategy for survival: an offering to our future alien overlords.

Timed to correspond with the release of long-classified documents about federal investigations into UFO reports, Oreo’s responsive marketing campaign asked fans to vote on what exactly should go into the offering. It was then placed, obviously, in an Oreo-branded crop circle.

To read the entire article, click HERE.


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