Thursday, March 26, 2015

Robert Guffey Interviewed by Tantric Disposition Matrix!

A couple of weeks ago, a journalist in Australia named John Hawkins conducted a nearly-three-hour-long interview with me regarding CHAMELEO.  You can now read that interview HERE.

John Hawkins also mentioned CHAMELEO prominently in a 3-19-15 editorial for The Prague Post entitled "Drones, Clones, and Data Tomes," which is available right HERE.  

In other news:  Tessa B. Dick, wife of the late Philip K. Dick, just reviewed CHAMELEO for  You can read her entire review by clicking HERE.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Eclipse Group

A correspondent recently sent me a link to the following article, which escaped my attention when it was first published back on February 12, 2011.

What follow are excerpts from Morgan Cook's article entitled "EXCLUSIVE:  Retired CIA Spy Operates Private Agency from Home."  The "private agency" referenced in the title is known as "The Eclipse Group," and it just so happens to be located in North County, a region in the Northern area of San Diego county.  (Readers of CHAMELEO will immediately understand the significance of this.)

Feel free to tuck this article away in the "San Diego High Weirdness File":

After 33 years with the CIA, [Duane R.] Clarridge said he retired from the intelligence agency and moved in 1988 to North County to take a job in the private sector, marketing electronics for a Virginia-based defense and security company now known as BAE Systems.

He said he retired from his job at the company in 2002, and began pursuing interests such as [...] running a self-funded network of spylike operatives [...].
The network, which once was funded by a Pentagon contract, collects information about "topics of interest to the United States military," Clarridge said. He said the information has been sent to military officials who have used it in the past [...].
Clarridge [had a] career in the CIA, which was marked by great success before he was forced to retire amid an investigation of his role in the Iran-Contra affair. According to [a New York Times] article, Clarridge was indicted for lying to Congress about his role in the affair, but was later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush [...].

As a noted expert on terrorism -- he helped found the CIA's Counterterrorism Center toward the end of his career with the agency -- Clarridge said he occasionally has been sought out for consulting work in the two decades since he left the agency.

[After losing a contract with the Pentagon in 2010, Clarridge and his associates] "decided to self-fund [his private spy] operation," he said. "The people involved contributed either by not getting a salary or putting up money."

He said the end of the contract also cut off established channels to military officials. So he set up an encrypted, password-protected website through which selected officials could access the network's information, he said [...].
[H]e can communicate safely with his agents and manage the network's information using tools available to pretty much anyone [...].
"People ask, 'How? How can you do it from North County?'" he said. "And the answer is very simple: Communications today have so changed where you can work from, that you can run major operations like this, which is major, from almost anywhere where you've got reasonable communications."
Clarridge said he uses "commercial encrypted communications" that are available to the general public to safely communicate with his network [...].
You can read the entire article by clicking HERE.

Jon Rappoport Reviews CHAMELEO

Here's a brief excerpt from Jon Rappoport's 3-12-15 review of CHAMELEO:

"Robert Guffey's long awaited book, Chameleo, is in print. I received my copy a few days ago and sat down and started reading it. I couldn't stop. At times I wanted to stop, but I had to press on. The twists and turns and grotesque happenings and, yes, the laughs wouldn't let me get away."

You can read the entire review by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Just a few hours ago, columnist John Hawkins published an extensive book review of CHAMELEO in THE PRAGUE POST.  You can read the entire review by clicking HERE. Endorses CHAMELEO!, the best website about the taboo subject of gangstalking, posted the following review of CHAMELEO on March 8, 2015:

A rare legitimate book about gang stalking
Chameleo Cover
From my perspective, nearly all books published (or self-published) on the subject of counterintelligence stalking are clearly pieces of U.S. government disinformation. At best, they are extremely vague and badly written – which is also the nature of U.S. government disinformation websites about gang stalking. A rare exception is the new book Chameleo by Robert Guffey. The book is the expanded version of an excellent magazine article by Guffey that was published in September 2013. The article and book describes how federal agents – apparently including members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) – stalked and terrorized a man who was a casual acquaintance of a Marine who had stolen some military equipment and information. As with other cases of gang stalking, the process seems to have been a combination of surveillance, extrajudicial punishment, and psychological operations (“psyops”) experimentation by rogue U.S. intelligence agencies.
I encourage anyone interested in the U.S. government’s secret use of unconstitutional law enforcement methods to purchase this book. You can buy a copy of it here.
Here is an interview with the author, Robert Guffey, recorded about a year ago. The segment from minute 38 to 56 is specifically about gang stalking, but the entire interview is relevant because Guffey discusses issues such as disinformation, the promotion of fear as a means of social control, conspiracies, and dumbing-down the education process in ways which discourage independent thinking.
[You can see the original post by clicking right HERE.]

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Richard Smoley Endorses CHAMELEO!

Yes, folks, the endorsements keep rolling in!  A few hours ago, Richard Smoley (author of FORBIDDEN FAITH:  THE SECRET HISTORY OF GNOSTICISM, SUPERNATURAL:  WRITINGS ON AN UNKNOWN HISTORY, and many other fine books) offered up the following endorsement for CHAMELEO:

"A strange, gripping, and well-told story with the disturbing implication that your tax dollars are being spent on unimaginable kinds of craziness."

Richard Smoley, by the way, is also the editor of QUEST:  JOURNAL OF THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA.

You can visit Smoley's personal blog by clicking HERE.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Jon Rappoport Endorses CHAMELEO!

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (author of THE SECRET BEHIND SECRET SOCIETIES, AIDS INC., and numerous other brilliant and incendiary books) has volunteered the following blurb for CHAMELEO:

"If you want to read an impossible but true story, this is the one.  Funny, weird, crazy, factual, disturbing.  Unique.  Invisible midgets are just the beginnings of the trouble.  Author Guffey somehow keeps it all together, when other writers would have laid down their swords, wept, and gone into deep narcosis.  This is Edward Snowden meets William Burroughs meets The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  The Creature is the psychotic asshole electronic agent of the Monolithic State, shooting holograms from the hip."

If an award called "The Best Blurb of 2015" existed, this would definitely take home the Top Prize.  

You can visit Rappoport's blog by clicking HERE.