Wednesday, October 18, 2017


On Monday, October 16th I appeared on a radio show called DEEP STATE BLUES hosted by Badbaby and Steve Olson to discuss my book CHAMELEO and related Deep State topics such as All-Amurrrican mind control, organized government harassment, orchestrated mass shootings, Men-in-Black madness, and more.  This interview is almost two hours long.  If you want to hear it, simply click on the link below....

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Phantom Drift Has Arrived!

"My creatures are born of a long denial."
--Pablo Neruda 
Phantom Drift Vol. 7:  Creatures Born of a Long Denial, bearing a wonderfully phantasmagoric cover by the inimitable Alan M. Clark, has just been released!  This issue includes my very strange, dream-inspired short story "The Sheet."  If you're interested in getting a hold of a copy of Phantom Drift Vol. 7, you can visit the Phantom Drift website HERE.  You can also purchase a copy from Amazon HERE.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

"The Wedding Photographer" Receives Honorable Mention in Year's Best Horror

My novella "The Wedding Photographer" (which was published in May of 2016 in POSTSCRIPTS #36/37:  THE DRAGONS OF THE NIGHT edited by Nick Gevers) has just received an Honorable Mention from Ellen Datlow in her annual YEAR'S BEST HORROR anthology (Volume Nine).  To see the entire list, click HERE

You can still acquire copies of POSTSCRIPTS #36/37 from PS Publishing by clicking HERE.  You can also order the anthology from Amazon HERE.