Tuesday, January 19, 2021

"America’s Beer Hall Putsch"

From Benjamin Carter Hett's 1-16-21 LOS ANGELES TIMES Op-Ed piece entitled "The Trump Insurrection Was America’s Beer Hall Putsch":

Very soon after the nation watched in horror as a mob ransacked the U.S. Capitol, journalists and politicians began speaking of a coup.

The fallout from these events has been dramatic and will continue. But we need to understand a crucial point. The guy in the Viking hat and his friends could break windows. A member of the mob could kill a police officer. Rioters could plot to assault members of Congress. All of this is terrifying. But these people and their criminal actions are not the most dangerous threat to our democracy. The real threat comes from people in business suits or police uniforms who are inside the system — and that threat remains [...].

After the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, 139 Republican members of the House and eight members of the Senate, led by Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, came out of hiding to vote to object to the electoral college vote count. While a police officer lay dying, they supported Trump’s lie of a stolen election and embraced the insurrectionists’ cause.

Imagine the events of the past weeks and months if someone like Hawley had been the secretary of state in Georgia, or someone like retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn held a significant military command. Imagine what would have happened if the Republicans held majorities in both houses of Congress and could have overturned the electoral college results. Imagine if the courts had been more generously stocked with judges willing to entertain the Trump campaign’s ludicrous arguments.

Above all, imagine if the president had been a bit more competent, a bit more strategic, a bit more daring. Hitler, after all, was at least willing to be present at the violence his words inspired. He was also more persuasive in his dealings with important officials.

It is much more common for democracies to be undermined by seemingly legal actions taken from within than by violence from without.

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Black Helicopters Over Los Angeles

From Joseph Trevithick's 1-13-21 THE DRIVE article entitled "Everything We Know About The Mysterious Dark Helicopters That Have Been Circling Los Angeles":

Yesterday, plane spotters in the greater Los Angeles area caught glimpses of three mysterious Bell 407 helicopters painted overall in what looks to be a dark gray color, but with no easily identifiable markings. Covered in antennas that one might expect to see on examples in use by military or law enforcement units, but unlike any we at The War Zone are familiar with, the sightings immediately caught our attention. While we don't know for sure who is operating them or for what purpose, these helicopters appear to have a very unusual history and there are solid indications that they could be associated with a very secretive U.S. military aviation unit.

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Gerald Locklin, R.I.P. (1941-2021)

My colleague, Gerald Locklin, passed away yesterday. Earlier today, Rich Archbold of THE LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM published the following obituary:

Gerald Locklin, a legendary local teacher, writer and poet who helped shape the literary landscape of Southern California for decades and was friends with the better-known Charles Bukowski, died from coronavirus-related complications Sunday, Jan. 17, said his son, Zachary Locklin. He was 79.

Locklin had been living in the Sunrise Assisted Living facility in Huntington Beach since March. When he tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago, he was taken to Kaiser Permanente in Irvine, where he died, his son said.

The literary figure taught writing at Cal State Long Beach for 42 years, but was also a prolific writer himself. He published more than 3,000 poems, works of fiction, reviews and articles that appeared in periodicals. He also wrote several books, including “Charles Bukowski: A Sure Bet,” a memoir of his friendship with Bukowski, one of Los Angeles’ premier literary figures. At one time, Bukowski, who spend his later years living in San Pedro, called Locklin “one of the great undiscovered talents of our time.”

Locklin was known for his direct, straight-forward style of writing, with humor and playfulness and emphasis on the human condition. But, above all else, his encouragement of young people and their writing talent is what Long Beach literary leaders were talking about Monday.

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Courtesy of filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson, here's a video of Locklin reading from his 2011 book, YOU NEED NEVER LOOK OUT A WINDOW: THE COMPLETE COAGULA POEMS....


Jack Kirby's Son on the Capitol Attack

What follows is a statement written by Neal Kirby, the son of Jack Kirby, creator (or co-creator) of most of the Marvel Universe, including Captain America:

Statement to Insurrectionists

My father, Jack Kirby, along with his partner Joe Simon, created Captain America in 1941. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of patriotism since the "Spirit of 1776," Captain America has stood as a symbol and protector of our democracy and the rule of law for the past 79 years. He was created by two Jewish guys from New York who hated Nazis and hated bullies. Captain America stood up for the underdog, and, as the story was written, even before he gained his strength and prowess from Army scientists, always stood for what was righteous, and never backed down.

At 72, I have a fairly vivid personal memory of every political and cultural upheaval since Castro's revolution in the mid-1950s. Add to that my father's stories, and I could probably paint a picture of the battlefields of northern France surrounding the city of Metz in WWII as well. However, the events that transpired at our nations' Capitol on Jan. 6, an insurrection inspired and fomented by our own president, will be the event that haunts me forever.

While watching one of the horrific videos of the storming of the Capitol, I thought I noticed someone in a Trump/Capt. America t-shirt! I was appalled and mortified. I believe I even caught a quick glance of someone with a Captain America shield. A quick Google search turned up Trump as Captain America on T-shirts, posters, even a flag! These images are disgusting and disgraceful. Captain America is the absolute antithesis of Donald Trump. Where Captain America is selfless, Trump is self-serving. Where Captain America fights for our country and democracy, Trump fights for personal power and autocracy. Where Captain America stands with the common man, Trump stands with the powerful and privileged. Where Captain America is courageous, Trump is a coward. Captain America and Trump couldn't be more different.

My father, Jack Kirby, and Joe Simon, the creators of Captain America and WWII veterans, would be absolutely sickened by these images. These images are an insult to both their memories. If Donald Trump had the qualities and character of Captain America, the White House would be a shining symbol of truth and integrity, not a festering cesspool of lies and hypocrisy. Several of our presidents held the same values as Captain America. Donald Trump is not one of them.

Kirby's biographer, Mark Evanier, adds some thoughts of his own in his 1-14-21 blog post right HERE

By the way, Jack Kirby (well-known for his prescience) created the science fiction comic book OMAC back in the mid-1970s. Is it just my imagination or does "Mr. Big" (seen in the cover below) look eerily similar to Donald Trump?

Dept. of "It Had to Happen Sooner or Later!" Dept.

"Far-right Extremists Call for the Execution of 'Coward' Trump After He Asks for Calm Following Riot"

--1/16/21 RAWSTORY Headline

Q Suicides (Part One)

From Tamar Lapin's 1-13-21 FOX NEWS report entitled "Medical Examiner Releases Georgia Man's Cause of Death After Capitol Riot":

The Georgia man who was found dead after being charged in connection with the US Capitol riot shot himself in the chest, reports said Tuesday.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner ruled that Christopher Stanton Georgia died by suicide, according to local outlet 11Alive News.

The 53-year-old — who had been charged with unlawful entry and violating a citywide curfew that took effect at 6 p.m. Wednesday, the day of the siege — was found Saturday by his wife, in the basement of their Alpharetta home.

She called 911, telling officers that there was "blood everywhere," according to a police report obtained by the Daily Mail.

Cops removed two semiautomatic SKS rifles from the home, officials said.

To read Lapin's entire article, click HERE.

On a related note... 

From Claudia Koerner and Julia Reinstein's 1-11-21 BUZZFEED article entitled "A Capitol Police Officer On Duty During The Coup Attempt Has Died By Suicide":

A US Capitol Police officer on duty during Wednesday's coup attempt by Trump supporters died by suicide on Saturday, his family has announced.

Officer Howard Liebengood, 51, had been assigned to the Senate Division and joined the department in 2005.

Barry Pollack, a lawyer for Liebengood's family, told BuzzFeed News the officer had been at the Capitol during the insurrection.

"His death is a tragedy that has deprived all of us a dedicated public servant," Pollack said. "His family has suffered a devastating loss and asks that they be given space to grieve in private."

His death came days after an attempted coup by violent Trump supporters left a fellow Capitol Police officer dead. Officer Brian Sicknick was injured while "physically engaging" with rioters and later died at a hospital.

According to CBS News, several Capitol Police officers have threatened self-harm in the days following the riot.

To read the rest of the article, click HERE

Jessica McBride's 1-10-21 HEAVY.COM article ("Howard Liebengood: A Tribute to the Capitol Police Officer Who Died") provides more information about Liebengood and his father:

4. In Addition to Being Sergeant of Arms, Liebengood’s Dad Became a Powerful Lobbyist With Ties to Prominent Senators

According to journalist Yashar Ali, writing on Twitter, “Liebengood’s father, also Howard Liebengood, died in 2005. He was the Senate Sargeant at Arms in the early 1980s and then became a powerful lobbyist and an associate of Paul Manafort’s.”

The father’s obituary in the Chicago Tribune says that Howard S. Liebengood “was Senate sergeant-at-arms, chief of staff for two senators and a prominent Washington lobbyist.” He died of a heart attack in Vienna, Virginia, at the age of 62.

According to the Tribune, Liebengood’s dad “was a protege of former Senate majority leader Howard Baker, the Tennessee Republican. He was sergeant-at-arms from 1981 to 1983.”

He supervised “185 computer specialists, nine carpenters and seven barbers and the Capitol Police,” the newspaper reported, and he later joined the Tobacco Institute “as executive vice president for federal relations” and formed the lobbying firm Gold and Liebengood with former Capitol Hill staffer, Martin Gold, according to the Tribune. It became Washington D.C.’s fifth largest lobbying firm, representing the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Hopi Indian Tribe, Federal Express and more.

He was employed at a law firm and “became chief lobbyist for Philip Morris Cos. Inc.” He was very well connected, friends with Senator Fred Thompson, Republican of Tennessee, and chief of staff to Republican Senator Bill Frist....

To read McBride's entire article, click HERE.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Talking Chameleo, Gang Stalking and QAnon w/ Robert Guffey & Recluse

On January 4, THE FARM podcast aired an interview with Yours Truly (originally recorded by Recluse back on November 18). Over the course of this two-hour interview we discuss my book CHAMELEO, nonlethal weapons, Kevin Coogan, Francis Parker Yockey, gang stalking, trolling, doxxing, alternate reality games, QAnon, LARPing, conspiritainment, SAIC, private intelligence companies, SRI, remote viewing, MK-ULTRA, cults, Thomas Schoenberger, Skinwalker Ranch, Cicada 3301, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely, "From PSYOP to Mind War," Michael Flynn, the Joint Special Operations Command, Richard Shaver, and H.P. Lovecraft!!!

Listen to the entire episode right HERE