Tuesday, March 20, 2018

John Judge: Unidentified Fascist Observatories

I highly recommend listening to Episode Five of Adam Gorightly's Radio GoGo, which features an interview with the late political researcher John Judge conducted by Roy Tuckman, the host of the Something's Happening radio show (which airs from midnight to 6:00 A.M. every Tuesday through Friday on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles).  This interview, entitled "Unidentified Fascist Observatories," was most likely recorded in 1989.  To listen to this fascinating interview, click HERE.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Meghan Daum On Regressive Thinking

Meghan Daum's 3-16-18 L.A. Times article ("A New Movement to Speak Truth to Identity Politics Is Our Best Hope Against Regressive Thinking") should be read in conjunction with Bari Weiss' 3-7-18 New York Times article entitled "We're All Fascists Now":

Here's a relevant excerpt from Daum's recent L.A. Times article:

"The essence of the movement, as I see it, is having the courage to stand up to groupthink, even if it means losing friends or having your positions willfully misconstrued because they don't fit neatly in a particular ideological box. It's not about liberals beating up on liberals but, rather, understanding that the same tribalism and regressive thinking that is damaging the Republican Party, perhaps beyond repair, is also wreaking havoc on Democrats and their allies. It's about smart people asking other smart people to stop acting so stupid.”

To read Daum's entire article, click HERE.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Coming Space War (Part Two)

Given that less than two weeks had passed since posting "The Coming Space War" on Cryptoscatology.com, I wasn't at all blindsided when I heard President Trump announcing his "new national strategy for space" during an address delivered to service members at--of all places--the Miramar Marine base in San Diego, a setting well known to readers of Chameleo.  What follows is from a 3-13-18 Daily Beast post entitled "Trump Proposes U.S. 'Space Force' to Guard the Galaxy'":

"President Donald Trump said Tuesday he wants to create a U.S. 'Space Force' during a speech before service members at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. 'My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land air and sea. We may even have a Space Force,' Trump said. 'We’re doing a tremendous amount of work in space, and I said, maybe we need a new force. We’ll call it the Space Force.' Trump was most likely referring to the National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law on Dec. 12 and stipulates that the defense secretary 'establish in the executive part of the Department of the Air Force a Space Corps.' Back in July, senior Air Force officials told CNN that the corps was an 'unnecessary change in the force’s existing space efforts.'"


My latest short story, "Collision," has just been published in the debut issue of New Reader Magazine.  New Reader #1, entitled "Multivision," was unleashed upon the world only a few hours ago.  This initial issue is completely free of charge, so if you would like to read "Collision," simply click HERE to download your (gratis) copy of New Reader Magazine #1"Collision" begins on p. 157.  

(The editors of New Reader invite feedback at the following email address:  Contact@NewReaderMagazine.com, or send them a message through their Facebook page.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


In case you missed Part One of my epic two-part interview on Seriah Azkath's radio show, WHERE DID THE ROAD GO? (which aired this past Saturday night), the entire episode is now available to be heard right HERE
This episode covers my books UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES, CHAMELEO, SPIES & SAUCERS, CRYPTOSCATOLOGY and related High Weirdness such as hordes of invisible midgets attacking drug addicts in San Diego, Operation Mind Control, porn for right-wingers, stolen DOD laptop computers, wild adventures with irate NCIS agents, Kafkaesque torture techniques deployed against the inmates of a jail in downtown San Diego, sonic weapons, acoustic bullets, poltergeist technology, the most haunted house in California, the ongoing dangers of the post-9/11 ballooning black budget, the Curious Affair of the Night Vision Goggles, CryptoWikpedia, wandering over the border of San Diego with a thermonuclear bomb strapped to one's shoulders, leapfrogging robots, machine-gun-toting ape-men in the wilds of Santee, human-animal hybrids trapped in a secret underground military base beneath the barren deserts of Arizona, the government harassment of Philip K. Dick, and dramatic food fights with jarhead federal agents.  

This interview can also be heard on YouTube right here....

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Be sure to tune in for tonight's special edition of Seriah Azkath's radio show WHERE DID THE ROAD GO? on WVBR 93.5 FM Ithaca NY and online at www.wheredidtheroadgo.com (10pm EST/7pm PST).  Tonight's show will be Part One of Seriah's epic two-part interview with Yours Truly about UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES, CHAMELEO, SPIES & SAUCERS, CRYPTOSCATOLOGY and related matters of High Weirdness.... 

The Strange Case of Christopher Bledsoe

Recommended:  Below are three separate interviews with Christopher Bledsoe, Sr. who discusses his 2007 extraterrestrial (and/or ultraterrestrial) encounters in the woods of Fayetteville, North Carolina....





Friday, March 9, 2018

Missing Skier Reappears

For those of you interested in the work of David Paulides (author of Missing 411), I suggest reading Steve Hughes and Emily Masters' 2-22-18 Times Union article entitled "State Police Still Investigating Missing Skier's Story":

"Police in Sacramento found [Constantino] Filippidis still wearing the ski clothing he had on when he disappeared, including his helmet and goggles, the union president said. Filippidis was given medical attention and taken to a local hospital, where he later spoke with his two children on the phone, [Frank] Ramagnano said [...]

"His disappearance prompted a massive search of Whiteface Mountain with search-and-rescue crews poring over the mountain while other skiers passed by on the trails. Filippidis contacted local authorities from a Sacramento area airport Feb. 13, ending a massive six-day search, troopers said.
"The search included at least six government agencies, two ski patrols and several local volunteer groups. More than 135 people spent a combined 7,000 hours on the rugged mountain in varying winter weather conditions, officials have said. A helicopter and search dogs were also called in to assist.
"State officials have declined to estimate the cost.
"Before he resurfaced, Filippidis had been last seen at the Whiteface Mountain ski resort's mid-station about 2:30 p.m. Feb. 7. He was part of a group of Toronto firefighters making their annual ski trip. His colleagues reported him missing at 4:30 p.m. when he did not return from his last run of the day. Police found his car, passport and other identification cards at the resort, officials said.
Six days later, Filippidis called his wife, who was in Lake Placid meeting with the search party, Ramagnano said.
"'Apparently he was confused and he wasn't able to give direct answers,' Ramagnano said during a news conference in Toronto broadcast by CTV."
To read the entire article, click HERE.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

"We're All Fascists Now"

In his 3-7-18 New York Times article, "We're All Fascists Now," Bari Weiss analyzes the many strategic distractions plaguing the left-wing in "the Disassociated States of America" (an increasingly apt phrase coined by my late friend and colleague, Walter Bowart).  What follow are a few relevant excerpts:

"We live in a world in which politically fascistic behavior, if not the actual philosophy, is unquestionably on the rise. Italy just gave the plurality of its vote to a party that is highly sympathetic to Vladimir Putin. The Philippines is in the grip of a homicidal maniac who is allying himself with Xi Jinping. Mr. Xi just anointed himself president for life and has banned the words 'Animal Farm' and 'disagree' from Chinese internet searches. Bashar al-Assad is winning in Syria, where half a million people have so far been slaughtered. Dictatorship and starvation have descended on Venezuela. At its annual conference in Washington last month, the Conservative Political Action Committee gave its stage, and its enthusiastic applause, to a member of France’s National Front. That’s just a short list.
"Yet these are generally not the extremists that leftists focus on. Instead, they seem to believe that the real cause for concern are the secret authoritarians passing as liberals and conservatives in our midst [...].
"Why are so many demonstrably non-fascist people being accused of fascism?  [...]
"Partly [...] it is the result of a lack of political proportion and priority. It’s instructive that students at the University of Chicago spent their energy a few years back protesting Dan Savage, the progressive sex columnist who used the word 'tranny' in a talk that included a discussion about reclaiming words, while ignoring a lecture the very same week by former Senator Rick Santorum, the Pennsylvania Republican who has compared gay relationships to bestiality. Freud called this the narcissism of small differences [...].
"There are consequences to all this 'fascism' — and not just the reputational damage to those who are smeared, though there is surely that.
"The main effect is that these endless accusations of 'fascism' or 'misogyny' or 'alt-right' dull the effects of the words themselves. As they are stripped of meaning, they strip us of our sharpness — of our ability to react forcefully to real fascists and misogynists or members of the alt-right."
To read Weiss' entire article, click HERE.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Naomi Wolf on "Theatrical" News Events

In the footage below, filmed at the Free State Project's Liberty Forum in 2014, former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf warns against the increasing amount of "theatrical" news events being deployed by "out of control" intelligence agencies in the United States and abroad.... 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Let's Write the Future

Earlier today I received the following correspondence from the California Masonic Foundation in San Francisco....

Friday, March 2, 2018

DARPA Wants to Turn Fish into Spies

From Joseph Trevithick's 2-28-18 The Drive article entitled "DARPA Wants to Use Fish and Other Sea Life to Track Enemy Submarines":

"The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the U.S. military’s top research arm, is looking into whether it might be possible to exploit fish, shellfish, and other marine organisms as unwitting sensors to spot and track submarines and other underwater threats. The idea is create a low cost means of persistently monitoring naval activity beneath the waves across a wide area, but it could be hard to get the sea life to reliably perform their new jobs as discreet undersea spies. 
"DARPA first announced this project, which it calls the Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors, or PALS, earlier in February 2018. The month before it had unveiled a broader concept for an 'Ocean of Things,' which would also incorporate a large number of small, low cost, and environmentally friendly sensor nodes, either on the sea bed or floating up above, to monitor ship and submarine movements, as well as gather data about changing environmental conditions and other scientific information.
"'The U.S. Navy’s current approach to detecting and monitoring underwater vehicles is hardware-centric and resource intensive,' Lori Adornato, the PALS program manager, said in an official statement. 'If we can tap into the innate sensing capabilities of living organisms that are ubiquitous in the oceans, we can extend our ability to track adversary activity and do so discreetly, on a persistent basis, and with enough precision to characterize the size and type of adversary vehicles.'
"At the most basic level, DARPA envisions developing a system that records marine animal activity, or the sounds they produce, and decodes that data to determine whether they’re just swimming along as normal or dodging an enemy submarine. This would not require actually implanting or otherwise 'modifying' any fish or crustaceans.
"'Our ideal scenario for PALS is to leverage a wide range of native marine organisms, with no need to train, house, or modify them in any way, which would open up this type of sensing to many locations,' Adornato added. DARPA notes that marine animals are otherwise already equipped, thanks to millions of years of evolution, to have the 'equipment' necessary to monitor their own environment. Beyond just being able to see, touch, and hear potential prey or threats, they can often detect more subtle electro-magnetic and chemical changes to their surroundings.
"This could all make the system more cost effective, since the U.S. military would only need to establish a network to collect the relevant information, categorize it, and transmit it onward to wherever it might need to go. DARPA’s goal is for each of those nodes to be able to monitor fish and other sea life more than 500 yards away and to be able to reliably discern between routine and abnormal movements and sounds."
To read the rest of Trevithick's article, click HERE.

The Coming Space War

From George Dvorsky's 2-26-18 Gizmodo article entitled "U.S. Air Force Chief Warns of Space War 'in a Matter of Years'": 

"Speaking to an audience of active-duty airmen, US Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein predicted it’ll only be a 'matter of years' before American forces find themselves 'fighting from space.' To prepare for this grim possibility, he said the Air Force needs new tools and a new approach to training leaders. Oh, and lots of money.
"As reported by Breaking Defense, Goldfein made the comments this past Friday February 23 while delivering a speech at the Air Force Association’s 34th annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition in Orlando, Florida.
"'[It’s] time for us as a service, regardless of specialty badge, to embrace space superiority with the same passion and sense of ownership as we apply to air superiority today,' he said.
"These are some of the strongest words yet from the Air Force chief of staff to get the Pentagon thinking about space—and to recognize the U.S. Air Force as the service branch best suited for the job. 'I believe we’re going to be fighting from space in a matter of years,' he said. 'And we are the service that must lead joint war fighting in this new contested domain. This is what the nation demands.'"
To read Dvorsky's entire article, click HERE.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Targeted Neuroplasticity Training

From Karla Lant's 5-2-17 Futurism article entitled "DARPA Is Planning to Hack the Human Brain to Let Us 'Upload' Skills":

"In March 2016, DARPA — the U.S. military’s 'mad science' branch — announced their Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) program. The TNT program aims to explore various safe neurostimulation methods for activating synaptic plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to alter the connecting points between neurons — a requirement for learning. DARPA hopes that building up that ability by subjecting the nervous system to a kind of workout regimen will enable the brain to learn more quickly.

"The ideal end benefit for this kind of breakthrough would be downloadable learning. Rather than needing to learn, for example, a new language through rigorous study and practice over a long period of time, we could basically 'download' the knowledge after putting our minds into a highly receptive, neuroplastic state. Clearly, this kind of research would benefit anyone, but urgent military missions can succeed or fail based on the timing. In those situations, a faster way to train personnel would be a tremendous boon."

To read Lant's entire article, click HERE.

The War Against Literature (and History Itself) Continues Unabated...

From Alison Flood's 2-12-18 Guardian article entitled "'Hurtful' Harper Lee and Mark Twain Dropped from Minnesota Curriculum":

"A school district in Minnesota has pulled To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from its curriculum, arguing that the classic novels’ use of racial slurs risked students being 'humiliated or marginalised' [...].
"According to [the local newspaper] the Bemidji Pioneer, there was no specific complaint from students about the titles [emphasis added--RG], but their use 'created an uncomfortable atmosphere' in the classroom."
To read Flood's entire article, click HERE
For supplementary material regarding the ongoing War Against the Imagination, I highly recommend reading my 2014 article entitled "The War Against the Imagination:  How to Teach in a System Designed to Fail," which can be found on Jon Rappoport's website HERE.

Trump's Secret War Powers Memo

What follows is the first paragraph of Spencer Ackerman's 2-20-18 Daily Beast article entitled "What's Inside Trump's Secret War Powers Memo?":

"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson informed a senator in a recently-revealed letter that President Trump considers himself to possess inherent constitutional authority to launch military action without any act of Congress, a sweeping assertion that appears to resurrect from the early George W. Bush years the most imperial notions of the presidency."

To read the rest of Ackerman's article, click HERE.

Monday, February 26, 2018

More on the Parkland Shooting

Head on over to womenintheworld.com, scroll down to the bottom of Kyle Jones' 2-21-18 article entitled "Teacher Who Took a Bullet Saving Students Shares Firsthand Account of Florida Shooting," and click on the interview with Stacy Lippel, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School creative writing teacher who offers a very specific description of the Parkland Shooter that seems to conflict dramatically with official reports regarding the appearance of nineteen-year-old Nikolas Cruz, the alleged perpetrator of the crime, during the shooting:  

“I suddenly saw the shooter about twenty feet in front of me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway, just a barrage of bullets, and I’m staring at him thinking why are the police here.  This is strange because he’s in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle I've never seen before" [emphasis added--RG].

Click HERE to see the interview with Lippel. 

After watching the Lippel interview, move on to boston.com and watch this CNN Jake Tapper interview with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel as the sheriff attempts to explain why "multiple armed officers hung back during the school shooting."  

The real question to ask Sheriff Israel is:  "Who ordered these deputies to stand down, and why?"

Click HERE to see the CNN interview with Sheriff Israel.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Is Bigfoot Real?

From Gabby Ferreira's 2-14-18 San Luis Obispo Tribune article entitled "Is Bigfoot Real?  This Woman Is Suing California to Recognize It as a Species":

"A San Bernardino-area woman is suing California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and Natural Resources Agency because the state has failed to keep Californians safe from Sasquatch.
"According to the San Bernardino Sun, Claudia Ackley, a 46-year-old Crestline resident and 'Bigfoot enthusiast and researcher,' filed suit in San Bernardino Superior Court on Jan. 18. Ackley told the Sun she has encountered many Sasquatches over the years, most recently in March 2017. On that last encounter, with both of her daughters present, the trio claimed to witness three Bigfoots while hiking a trail in Lake Arrowhead.
"According to the Sun, Ackley is most worried that the government could be putting people in danger by not recognizing Bigfoot as real.
"'People have to be warned about these things. They are big,' Ackley told the Sun. 'We’re totally vulnerable to these things.'"
Click HERE to read Ferreira's entire article.

Freemasons, a Naked Lunatic, and the Laugh Factory

From CWB Chicago comes Matt Lindner's 2-22-18 post "Naked Man 'Jumped Headfirst' Through Laugh Factory, Prosecutors Say":

"A Streeterville man stripped naked and dove headfirst through the door of a Lakeview comedy club last weekend, then battered two cops who tried to help him, prosecutors say.

"Cops said they were flagged down in the 3100 block of North Broadway around 5:15 a.m. on Sunday by witnesses who 'related that a male subject took off all his clothes and jumped headfirst through a glass door into…the Laugh Factory.' Inside the nightclub, cops found 31-year-old Robert Malato on the second floor 'naked and bleeding from cuts on his head, back, glutes, and legs….talking about his Freemason father,' according to court records.

"Police said they tried to walk Malato out, but he allegedly took off his shoes, threw them, raised his fists, and struck two officers in their chests before the cops could gain control of him.

"Malato was treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center for multiple lacerations. He is charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery to a police officer and misdemeanor criminal damage to property. Judge David Navarro ordered him held on a $10,000 deposit bond, meaning that Malato will be released if he posts $1,000."


Paul Hellyer on The Illuminati

From Jon Austin's 2-13-18 Express article entitled "The 'Illuminati' Is Real and Secretly Running Our World Claims Former Defence Minister":
"Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defence, is believed to be the highest-ranking former politician to come out as a believer of the popular conspiracy theory.
"As one of the world's biggest conspiracy theories, the Illuminati is said to be a secretive global elite which runs governments from behind the scenes and is planning to introduce a New World Order (NWO).
"Its key members are said to be drawn from Hollywood and world political and business leaders, with some even accusing its true leaders of being reptilian lizards from space.
"Accusations vary in extremities from the simple implementation of the NWO as a goal at the least, to the Illuminati being a highly Satanic cult seeking to return the devil to earth.
"Other than repeated claims by conspiracy theorists, which have ballooned in number since the growth of the internet, there is no actual proof the Illuminati exists at all.
"However, in a podcast, Mr Hellyer, who was in post in the 1960s, said the Illuminati, at least at its most basic concept, was real and all powerful."
To read the entire article, click HERE.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Parkland Shooting

When juxtaposing the following two articles, one can only come to a rather disturbing conclusion regarding the selective investigative methods of the FBI....

From Michelle Mark's 2-16-18 Business Insider article "The FBI Failed to Act on a Tip It Got About the Florida High-school Shooter":

"The FBI said on Friday that it had failed to follow protocols in handling a tip on the suspected Florida shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who authorities said killed 17 people on Wednesday.
"A person close to Cruz had phoned the FBI's tip line in January to report details about his 'gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting,' the bureau said in a statement.
"'Under established protocols, the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life,' the statement went on. 'The information then should have been forwarded to the FBI Miami field office, where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken' [...].
"More details have emerged in recent days from Cruz's former classmates, teachers, and neighbors about the pattern of disturbing behavior he had displayed in recent years.
"Cruz reportedly flaunted photos of his guns, introduced himself to people as a 'school shooter,' and had frequent run-ins with law enforcement.
"The FBI also received a tip from a YouTube vlogger about a comment from a user who called himself 'nikolas cruz.' The comment said he wanted to be a 'professional school shooter,' but the FBI said it couldn't confirm the identity of the user."
Compare the above with Greg Farrell and Anders Melin's 2-16-18 Bloomberg article "This Short Seller Pressed 'Tweet.'  Then the FBI Showed Up":

"Short-sellers aren’t known for restraint and decorum, and that goes double on Twitter, where Marc Cohodes vowed to take down a CEO he accuses of fraud. 'I will bury the little fella in a shoe box,' Cohodes tweeted in October.
"Weeks later, a black Ford Expedition pulled up to the short-seller’s Sonoma County ranch. Two FBI agents emerged. They showed Cohodes a printout of his tweet and a second one that mentioned loaded guns. 'Stop sending threatening tweets' about the CEO, one of the agents warned, or else.
"The feds’ Dec. 1 visit, which wasn’t previously reported, is documented in a sheriff’s report and described in a letter of complaint Cohodes’s lawyer sent to the U.S. Department of Justice.
"It was a novel turn in what, until then, seemed like a familiar struggle between a public company, MiMedx Group, and investors betting on its fall. That kind of drama has typically played out online, in the media or in court. But it hasn’t, by the recollection of several lawyers, previously drawn this sort of intervention by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The agents’ appearance at Cohodes’s house has touched off a dispute over whether the tweets merited intervention or whether the FBI overstepped — and how the messages came to the FBI’s attention."

As a colleague of mine wrote, "Looks like you need to be a CEO of a B.S. company to be taken seriously." 

What follow are two more recommended analyses regarding the Parkland Shooting....

1)  Loren Coleman's 2-16-18 Twilight Language post entitled "Parkland Syncs," and

2)  a 2-15-18 Secret Sun post entitled "Everyone Predicted It."