Wednesday, December 19, 2018


In collaboration with Warsaw-based filmmaker Irek Dobrowolski, my colleague Stephen Cooper (author of FULL OF LIFE:  A BIOGRAPHY OF JOHN FANTE) has helped write and produce a fascinating new documentary about the life and work of the sadly neglected artist Stanislaw Szukalski, about whom I've written in the past on this very blog.  (See, for example, my 5-31-13 post entitled "Behold!!! the Protong," my 12-8-13 post entitled "Nature Magazine Confirms the Theories of Stanislaw Szukalski?" and my 6-23-17 post entitled "Stanislaw Szukalski and the Human-Yeti War").  I'll be writing more about Szukalski and his peculiar evolutionary theories in the final chapter of my forthcoming book BELA LUGOSI AND THE MONOGRAM NINE (co-authored with Gary D. Rhodes).  What's the connection between Szukalski and Lugosi?  You'll have to wait to read the book to answer that scintillating question!  In the meantime, I highly recommend watching Irek Dobrowolski's STRUGGLE:  THE LIFE AND LOST ART OF SZUKALSKI when it debuts on Netflix on December 21st....   


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