Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Perhaps the Most Important Book You Will Ever Read"

Here are further excerpts from Tessa Dick's book review of Cryptoscatology (entitled "Cryptoscatology: Perhaps the Most Important Book You Will Ever Read"):

"Cryptoscataology confirms my suspicion that schools are designed to teach us not to think.  They teach us to be good soldiers or factory workers, to line up and march, to do what we are told without asking any questions and without thinking.

"There is so much more to this volume, that I can’t cover even a tenth of it here.  Robert Guffey has packed decades of information into 350 pages of highly readable text.  The extensive index is useful, but I prefer to read the entire book in order, then to reread it and read it again.  It takes persistence to allow the implications of mind control to sink in, but it is well worth it.

"Highly recommended."

You can read the full review HERE.

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