Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tessa B. Dick, Wife of the Late Philip K. Dick, Endorses Cryptoscatology

Tessa B. Dick, author of several books including two recent memoirs entitled PHILIP K. DICK:  REMEMBERING FIREBRIGHT (2009) and TESSA B.DICK:  MY LIFE ON THE EDGE OF REALITY (2011), contacted me about a week ago to let me know that a friend of hers had, unbidden, sent her a copy of CRYPTOSCATOLOGY in the mail.  Tessa read the book at a swift pace, then generously volunteered the following endorsement:

“Finally, a scholarly book takes conspiracy theory seriously.  Yes, Robert Guffey does point out a few problems with some of the theories.  He debunks more than one.  On the other hand, he also demonstrates with evidence and logic that some conspiracy theories are at least partially true [...].  I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  For fans of science fiction, conspiracy theory or a good spy story (a true story, at that), Cryptoscatology is required reading.”

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