Monday, December 21, 2015

A New Approach to Slavery

A correspondent recently sent me a link to a YouTube clip that purports to be an interview with an actual gang stalker.  What my readers will find most fascinating about this exchange is that certain statements made by the interviewee seems to confirm various speculations laid out in the pages of my book Chameleo.  I recommend listening to the entire interview.  

A choice quote from the ostensible gang stalker:  "When they abolished slavery, they formed a new approach to slavery.  They pick on the poor in order for certain businesses to thrive financially, and as the economy gets worse, then the need [grows] for more and more people to be manipulated into breaking the law and doing things that will help bring money into the prisons."

Note:  In this clip you will hear two interviewers, a male and a female; the latter goes by the name Badbaby, who interviewed me on her informative show Fight for Our Freedom Radio back on the 2nd of October.  (You can hear Badbaby's conversation with me by clicking HERE.)

To listen to the aforementioned interview with the ostensible gang stalker, just click HERE.

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