Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cultural Role Player

Chameleo fans in El Paso, Texas might want to bar their doors--a new Cultural Role Player is coming to town!

On December 5th, 2015 the Science Applications International Corporation (which plays a significant role in my book Chameleo) posted the following job description:

"We are looking for Cultural Role Players for the Security Forces (SF) Regional Training Centers (RTCs) are dedicated to educating, training and exercising expeditionary combat skills and readiness necessary to support US Operational Plans. Opposing Force (OPFOR), Role Players, supporting (18) distinctive courses at RTCs. The RTCs conducts year round expeditionary combat skills and readiness training at Fort Bliss, TX; Anderson AB, Guam; Ramstein AB, Germany; Camp Guernsey, WY; as needed. United States Forces Command (FORSCOM) has directed that all Airmen deploying in support of Operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Africa receive a country orientation and training on Arabic cultural awareness, and negotiation skill s. In addition, training events require realistic Airman inter-action with appropriate role player's representative of the indigenous population of Iraq, Afghanistan, or other designated areas. Role players participate during various Situational Training Scenarios and other Collective Training events to replicate mission scenarios.

"Description: SAIC is looking for Cultural Role Players (CRPs) that shall employ professional, technically qualified personnel who possess the necessary experience in a variety requirements identified below and meet or exceed the general requirements and specific requirements based on expertise.

"All CRPs are required to have or be capable of meeting the following certifications/training: CRPs will consist of personnel integrated into military or civilian scenarios using real military weapons, equipment and vehicles performing the duties of foreigners, merchants, rioters, protestors, laborers, third country nationals, severely- injured personnel, displaced persons , refugees, dignitaries etc. Role players will at times be engaged in physical contact as required for training scenarios. Role players may be required, dependent upon position within the exercise scenario, to operate Government owned or rented vehicles (HMMWV, Pick- up trucks, Vans, Stake-bed/light duty trucks).

"CRPs will consist of personnel integrated into military scenarios using real military weapons, equipment and vehicles in a multitude of situations such as hostile forces, ambushes, sniper, friendly forces, police, terrorist, etc. OPFOR personnel will at times be engaged in physical contact as required for training scenarios. CRPs will consist of male and female personnel to serve as role players in execution of training scenarios for units conducting training. Role players shall replicate various positions and groups of people in possible situations units may face during deployments.

"There are three major types of role players; Cultural Role Players (CRP), Detainee Role Players (DRP) and Foreign Language Speakers (FLS). They shall work outside in all types of weather (e.g., heat, cold, rain, snow). Role players must be in good physical condition. Work requires long periods of standing and walking. Detainee role players shall be males. Role players shall follow instructions from designated Team Leaders and on-site military personnel in the performance of their assignments and IAW established Exercise Rules of Engagement (EXROE). When required, all Role Players shall sign a binding Statement of Non- Disclosure with the Government."

The "primary location" for the job is listed as "El Paso, Texas," and the clearance level the applicant "must currently possess" is listed as "Secret."  

To read SAIC's entire job posting, click HERE

Since the lid was blown off the true nature of "Surveillance Role Players" back in August of 2013 (see my 8-25-13 post entitled "Surveillance Role Players in San Diego"), apparently someone at SAIC decided to morph the label "Surveillance Role Player" into "Cultural Role Player," which a colleague has pithily defined as an "Actor with a Top Secret Security Clearance."

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