Friday, December 11, 2015

San Bernardino Shootings (Part 2)

According to former Department of Homeland Security employee Philip Haney, the recent San Bernardino shootings could have been prevented if not for the interference of his fellow DHS agents. 

Here's the first paragraph of Chuck Ross' 12-11-15 Daily Caller article entitled "Whistleblower:  Feds Shut Down Terror Investigation That Could Have Prevented San Bernardino Attack":

"A former Department of Homeland Security agent says that an investigation he was conducting into a fundamentalist Islamic group operating in the U.S. may have helped stop San Bernardino jihadi Syed Farook had the government not shut down his probe.

"During an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Thursday, Philip Haney said that in 2012 as an agent with U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s National Targeting Center, he opened an investigation into a Sunni Islamic group called Tablighi Jamaat, a subset of the fundamentalist Deobandi movement.

"But Haney said that just a year into the investigation it was shut down by the State Department and the Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

"The reason the investigation was quashed? Because the federal government did not want to profile Islamic groups, Haney told Kelly."

Fox News commentator Marc Thiessen calls this an egregious example of "political correctness run amok," but I suspect the profiling angle was simply a convenient excuse to shut down Philip Haney's investigation.  Listen to this excerpt from Trace Gallagher's Fox News report about Haney's attempts to investigate the mosque to which Syed Farook belonged:  "A year into that investigation, Haney says they got a visit from the State Department and the Homeland Security Civil Rights Division who said that tracking these groups and individuals was 'problematic.'"  The conclusion we're asked to accept here is that Haney's investigation was deemed "problematic" by the DHS simply because it would have fomented accusations of profiling.  My fellow Americans, let's use Occam's Razor for a moment.  When an intelligence agency abruptly shuts down an investigation and terminates the lead investigator, is it because they're concerned about the civil rights of Americans?

Is there anyone on the planet who actually believes the Department of Homeland Security is dangerous because its agents are overly concerned about civil rights?  I'm certain Haney's investigation was indeed "problematic," but not because the DHS was worried about violating the rights of innocent Muslims; rather, Haney's investigation was "problematic" because it would have thwarted the terrorist attacks planned by Syed Farook and his conspirators.

Anyone who's read my book Chameleo knows that there were hundreds of American spies stationed in San Diego monitoring the harmless, day-to-day activities of my friend, Dion Fuller... and yet I'm supposed to believe that not one of these devoted, eagle-eyed agents was aware of the suspicious activities of Syed Farook and his wife, who were literally advertising their murderous intentions on Facebook while stockpiling a basement full of assault rifles and explosives?  Why, yes, I guess I am supposed to believe that.  Remember the immortal words of that great American entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum:


Showboat Regular


Now, file this last tidbit under the heading of "Food For Thought and Grounds for Further Research":  Click on the video below, then listen out for the intriguing Freudian slip uttered by Philip Haney at approximately 4:37:  "By the way, [the DHS] gave me a commendation letter for finding three hundred terrorists related specifically to the initiation--er, uh--initiative!"

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