Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chameleo Reviewed by The UFO Trail

Jack Brewer of The UFO Trail blog recently reviewed Chameleo and offered some fairly cogent and nuanced insights into the overall nature of the book:

"Chameleo is an entertaining read, even hilarious at times, but this is not to suggest it minimizes the potential significance of its otherwise dark subject matter. Robert Guffey tells the story in sometimes unflattering yet appreciated frankness of the goings ons among the fringe subculture and the dysfunctional people who inhabit it. A typical saga of investigator and experiencer it is not – and it should arguably make us consider how easily it could have been if the writer had opted to frame the events in such contexts.

"Readers are bound to agree with some of Guffey's points and disagree with others, yet he has produced a work that should be read by those sincerely desiring to better understand such claims and the people who make them. We can only wonder how many Dions may be out there who did not happen to have gone to high school with a future professional writer."

To read Brewer's entire article, click HERE.

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