Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mike Wallace Interviews Major Donald Keyhoe

In 1958 Mike Wallace interviewed Major Donald Keyhoe, author of The Flying Saucers Are Real and other bestselling nonfiction books, on an ABC television show imaginatively entitled The Mike Wallace Interview.  Wallace's main imperative during this interview appears to be to jeer skeptically at Keyhoe while doing his best to hawk cancer-inducing Parliament cigarettes to his loyal audience.  (Remember:  "IF PARLIAMENT'S YOUR SMOKE, YOU'RE SMOKING THE BEST!")  You can see the entire interview below:

And on a related note... Jack Womack's latest book, Flying Saucers Are Real!, the title of which is an homage to Keyhoe's most famous book, is still available from Womack's publisher, Anthology Editions (you can find my August 26, 2016 review of Womack's Flying Saucers Are Real! right HERE).  You can also read Womack's recent Omni Magazine article, "When Saucers First Flew," right HERE.

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