Sunday, January 8, 2017

"What's At the End of Main Street?" Part Three in NEW DAWN #160

It's here at last!  The most recent issue of New Dawn Magazine (No. 160, January/February 2016) contains the THRILLING CONCLUDING CHAPTER of my three-part series entitled "What's At the End of Main Street?:  The Struggle Between the Artificial and the Real in Recent Gnostic Cinema."  The two previous installments analyzed key examples of "Gnostic Cinema" (films that explore the illusory nature of reality within a fictional framework) ranging from 1924's Sherlock Jr. to 2002's The Mothman Prophecies.  Part Three begins in 2003 with Francisco Athie's overlooked surrealist masterpiece, Vera, and ends in 2014 with Jennifer Kent's critically acclaimed debut film, The Babadook.

New Dawn Magazine, available from a well-stocked newsstand NEAR YOU, is also available from the New Dawn website HERE.  

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