Monday, January 16, 2017

Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King

In September of 1995, political researcher Dave Emory recorded the following episode of his radio show, For the Record (#46), in which he analyzes William F. Pepper's book, Orders to Kill:  The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King (Carroll & Graf, 1995).  According to Emory's website,, this series "discusses, among other things:  an organized crime arms-smuggling ring, which maneuvered accused assassin James Earl Ray into position to take the fall for the crime; the member of that arms-smuggling ring who boasted of actually [having] done the shooting; the Army intelligence program to surveil and neutralize black American leaders (including King); the 20th Special Forces Group 'A team' that, according to Pepper, served as a backup sniper team poised to kill Dr. King and his then-aide Andrew Young (in case the organized crime marksman missed); and the apparent role of elements of the National Security Agency in helping to set Ray up for the assassination."  You can listen to the entirety of For the Record #46 right HERE.  You can also hear the show on YouTube:

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