Tuesday, August 27, 2019


On the latest episode of Adam Sayne's Conspirinormal, I took part in a conspiracy/paranormal-centric roundtable discussion with Greg Bishop (host of Radio Mysterioso, coauthor of the excellent new book "A" Is For Adamski, and editor of The Excluded Middle) and Tim Binnall (host of the paranormal podcast Binnall of America) on a wide array of "High Weirdness" topics. In this freewheeling discussion we touch upon UFO charlatans such as "alien slayer" Dr. Jonathan Reed and "psychic" jailbird Sean David Morton, the controversial UFO Monument of Masschusetts, the "'Zine Scene" of the 1990s, Jack Kirby and the assassination of Leon Klinghoffer, Michael A. Hoffman's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, free speech on campus, California Über Alles, the birth of synchro-mysticism, James Shelby Downard's Carnivals of Life and Death and "King Kill 33°," Undead Elvis, the future of UFOlogy, Robert Anton Wilson's Beyond Conspiracy Theory, the mysterious murder of banker Roberto Calvi, Vatican/Mafia/Masonic assassins run amok, and the strange suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

To listen to this nearly two-hour discussion, simply click HERE!

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