Tuesday, August 20, 2019


I recommend listening to Melinda Leslie's 6-24-19 interview on Lorien Fenton's THE FENTON PERSPECTIVE in which Leslie discusses the labyrinthine history behind what she calls "document-gate," which refers to a batch of recently leaked documents hailing from the secret archives of the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group, a conglomeration of military and scientific intelligence officers with an intense interest in the UFO phenomenon extending back to 1985. Leslie explains the possible significance of these documents to the field of ufology (and beyond). Most importantly, she shares her opinion on the possible motives that led to the documents being leaked in the first place.

You can view the most important document, Eric Davis' notes on his 10-16-02 meeting with Admiral Thomas Wilson (retired deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency), by following this link: THE ADMIRAL THOMAS WILSON DOCUMENT.

And you can hear Lorien Fenton's two-hour interview with Melinda Leslie by clicking right HERE.


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