Thursday, August 1, 2019

Eating the Fantastic with Mark Evanier and Gerry Conway

Scott Edelman's excellent science fiction podcast EATING THE FANTASTIC (the spiritual successor to Mike Hodel's HOUR 25 in terms of its in-depth questions that only another writer could possibly think to ask as well as in its informal, peripatetic approach to the art of the interview) recently celebrated its 100th episode by producing an informative and entertaining sit-down with writer and historian Mark Evanier, co-creator of CROSSFIRE, DNAGENTS, FANBOY, and HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTARS, co-writer of GROO THE WANDERER, author of the definitive Jack Kirby biography, KIRBY: KING OF COMICS, and writer of a gazillion network television shows. There are many lessons in this interview for the budding professional writer. You can eavesdrop on this lunch, which took place at Canter's Deli in Hollywood in May of 2019, by clicking right HERE.    

I also recommend listening to Edelman's 99th episode, his interview with Gerry Conway, creator of THE PUNISHER, FIRESTORM, and a slew of other classic comic book characters. This interview, which was also recorded last May, can be heard by clicking HERE.


Of course, Scott Edelman is a fine writer himself, and I recommend checking out his latest collection of short stories, TELL ME LIKE YOU DONE BEFORE (AND OTHER STORIES WRITTEN ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS) (Lethe Press, 2018), which includes his marvelous tribute to Ray Bradbury, "The Final Charge of Mr. Electrico."

You can watch Edelman reading "The Final Charge of Mr. Electrico" at Balticon on May 27, 2018, directly below....

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