Sunday, November 17, 2019

Harlan Ellison's "Pay the Writer" Rant & The Harlan Ellison Memorial Panel

In light of recent allegations regarding ChiZine Publications withholding royalty payments from writers (see previous post), perhaps this would be an appropriate time to resurrect Harlan Ellison's classic "Pay the Writer" rant from Erik Nelson's excellent 2008 documentary HARLAN ELLISON: DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH:


Speaking of Harlan Ellison... on November 16, 2019, the FANAC organization uploaded to YouTube the Harlan Ellison Memorial panel that was held at Worldcon 76 in August of 2018 (about two months after Harlan's death on June 28, 2018). What follows is the YouTube description of the panel: "This Memoriam panel (audio, with pictures) features memories and anecdotes from Tom Whitmore, Robert Silverberg (who was a friend of Harlan's for 65 years), Chris Barkley, David Gerrold, Christine Valada and Nat Segaloff (Harlan's biographer). Each of the panelists had a close relationship with Harlan, and these loving but clear-eyed reminiscences are a comfort to those that miss him, and hopefully to those readers who never had a chance to meet him. Harlan was an enormous presence in science fiction. His stories, his scripts, his kindnesses and his sometimes unbelievable missteps will be long remembered. Recording provided by Karen G. Anderson and Richard Lynch."

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