Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Works of Charles Fort: The Most Baffling Books Ever Written

Micah Hanks reflects on the importance of Charles Fort and his works (both published and otherwise) in a 11-14-19 Mysterious Universe article entitled "Of X, Y, and Z: The Search for the Lost Works of Charles Fort":

In 1919, something strange was afoot. An idea, unknown before that time, had been gestating; it slipped from the womb, stumbled, and began its eerie march through the public consciousness of post World War America.

That idea had been the culmination of several years of work by a man, one Charles Hoy Fort, who had banished himself to long periods in libraries, both in New York and in London, where he went in pursuit of arcane knowledge.

Frogs, fish, snakes, and other things which fell from the sky; occasional chunks of flesh–hair still attached–sprinkled down with droplets of blood. Weird lights, torpedo-shaped mechanical “Monstrators,” and other emissaries of the uncanny which occasionally lined the pages of periodicals, science journals, and other sources would all be collected by Fort, who furiously jotted notes about them onto scraps of paper he stuffed into his pockets before each investigative sojourn.

That stumbling thing which had been born out of all this had been Fort’s masterpiece, The Book of the Damned, arguably one of the most interesting, and at times most baffling books ever written.

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