Sunday, November 17, 2019

Invisibility Cloaking: Theory and Experiment

In January of 2019, investigative journalists George Knapp and Matt Adams (of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada) obtained and published a Defense Intelligence Agency study entitled "Invisibility Cloaking: Theory and Experiment." According to Knapp and Adams' 1-31-19 8NewsNow article entitled "Former Sen. Reid Calls for Congressional Hearings into UFOs," the DIA study "explores invisibility cloaking — craft that are not only invisible to radar, but actually invisible. That research has reportedly been underway at Nevada’s Area 51 base in recent years."

The DIA study begins as follows:
"The idea of invisibility has fascinated people for millennia, inspiring many myths, novels, and films. Invisibility cloaking has recently become a subject of science and technology. This paper describes the important current theoretical and experimental developments and tries to project into the future."

To read the full DIA report, click HERE

To read Knapp and Adams' 1-31-19 8NewsNow article, click HERE.

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