Sunday, November 17, 2019


In a series of articles posted on his FILE 770 website, Mike Glyer has been covering the recent allegations concerning ChiZine, the most prominent independent speculative fiction publisher in Canada. ChiZine, which is owned by Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory, has won the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, and the Bram Stoker Award. Their publications include books written (or edited) by the likes of Laird Barron, Ellen Datlow, Paul Di Filippo, Gemma Files, Christopher Golden, Stephen Graham Jones, Ed Kurtz, Geoff Ryman, and Paul Temblay. The recent public allegations against ChiZine include "slow payment and nonpayment" and "blackballing an author who complained" about the publisher's pattern of financial fraud. Such allegations (and others) are covered in the following FILE 770 articles:

"Authors Break Silence with Complaints About ChiZine Publications" (11-6-19).

"Writers and Staffers Share More Bad Experiences with ChiZine Publications" (11-7-19).

"As Authors Share More ChiZine Experiences, Others Part Ways with CZP" (11-10-19).

Novelist Brian Keene covers the controversy in great detail in the most recent episode of his podcast THE HORROR SHOW (11-14-19), which can be heard in its entirety below. It's well worth a listen:

THE RISE AND FALL OF CHIZINE - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 244

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