Tuesday, February 12, 2013


To check out Loren Coleman’s ongoing analysis of the multiple “synchromystic” levels of significance embedded in the current Christopher Dorner manhunt, simply click HERE.  By now many of you will have read the infamous manifesto that is being attributed to Dorner (reproduced in full on Coleman’s Twilight Language blog).  If you’re wondering whether or not Dorner’s allegations against the Los Angeles Police Department have any basis in reality, you might want to read an illuminating book entitled L.A. SECRET POLICE:  INSIDE THE LAPD ELITE SPY NETWORK by former LAPD officer Mike Rothmiller and journalist Ivan G. Goldman (Pocket Books, 1992). 

The description on the back cover of L.A. SECRET POLICE reads as follows:

"One night in Orange County, a helmeted figure on a motorcycle pulled alongside an unmarked LAPD car and emptied a machine pistol at the cop inside.  Elite OCID [Organized Crime Intelligence Division] Detective Mike Rothmiller lived to tell the story.  Now, with veteran journalist Ivan Goldman, he rips the lid off Chief of Police Daryl Gates' LAPD - and reveals, for the first time, the dirty secrets of the elite unit whose crushing power and vast influence kept many of America's most citizens in its iron grip."

Upon reading the Dorner manifesto, my mind immediately turned back to Rothmiller and his book.  Only yesterday (2-11-13) Rothmiller spoke to ABC News about Dorner’s less-than-laudatory descriptions of the LAPD:  “I was a detective and I was a sergeant and the issues that he describes regarding racism, brutality, corruption, internal affairs malfeasance, so forth.... That is absolutely true,” says Rothmiller. “I saw it firsthand.”  Rothmiller served with the LAPD for ten years.  ABC’s entire report on Rothmiller can be read HERE.  

To place Dorner’s allegations within a broader historical perspective, I also encourage you to read the book THE POLICE ESTABLISHMENT by former FBI agent William W. Turner (Putnam, 1968), which will definitely establish that these allegations are by no means new and certainly not the figment of a mad man’s brain. 

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