Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mass Panics

The esoteric meaning of certain news articles only become clear when juxtaposed with seemingly unrelated current events.  Perhaps that's the case here....

What follows is an excerpt from Josie Le Blond's 9-10-15 Guardian article entitled "Mystery Surrounds Hallucinatory Chaos at German Homeopathy Conference":

"Police investigating a mass intoxication of a homeopathy conference in Germany with psychedelic drugs have said they still do not know nearly a week later whether it was an accident or an experiment gone wrong.
"Emergency services called to the meeting in Handeloh, south of Hamburg, last Friday afternoon found a group of 29 alternative healers hallucinating, staggering around, groaning and rolling on the grass.
"Police spokesman Lars Nicklesen said on Thursday that investigators believe a psychedelic drug was to blame but remain unsure of how or why it was taken. The delegates are now all out out of physical danger, he said, but there may yet be legal consequences for the healers in the course of the ongoing criminal investigation.
"'We’re now questioning the delegates and awaiting the results of blood and urine tests,' he said. 'We still don’t know if they took the drugs on purpose. The question is whether they want to talk about it; they have the right to remain silent.'
"Nicklesen added that police suspect the group took 2C-E, known in Germany as Aquarust, a drug which heightens perceptions of colours and sounds and in higher doses triggers hallucinations, psychosis and severe cramps.
"Germany’s health ministry banned the drug last year due to its highly addictive nature and unknown side effects.
"The homeopaths’ meeting - billed as a 'further education seminar' - was suspended shortly after it started when delegates began experiencing psychotic hallucinations, cramps, racing heartbeats and shortage of breath. One of them alerted the emergency services.
"Alarmed by the sight of so many grown men and women rolling around on the floor, the first fire crews on the scene called for backup, triggering a major incident response. A total of 160 police, fire crews, and ambulance staff and a helicopter were involved in the four hour operation to treat the group."
To read Le Blond's entire article, click HERE.

Now here's a brief except from Ben Hubbard's front page 9-25-15 New York Times article entitled "Unexplained Panic Leaves Hundreds Dead in Meca Pilgrimage" (please note that the version on the web, curiously, omits the word "Unexplained" from its title):

"BEIRUT, Lebanon — In streaming ribbons of white, great masses of Muslim pilgrims made their way between cities of air­ conditioned tents toward the next stop on their holy tour of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

"Then something went disastrously wrong, trapping the crowds in narrow streets and touching off a mass panic and crushing stampede that left the asphalt covered with lost sandals, crumpled wheelchairs and piles of white ­robed bodies.

"It was the deadliest accident during the hajj pilgrimage in a quarter ­century, with at least 717 pilgrims from around the world killed and more than 850 injured."

To read Hubbard's entire article, click HERE.

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