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The Haunted Landscape of Bronson Canyon

For several decades Griffith Park in Los Angeles has been a nexus of weird events.  To underscore that point, here's a brief excerpt from Kaanii Powell Cleaver's 3-28-16 Inquisitr article entitled "Whose Skull Was Found in Griffith Park This Time?  Hikers Make Another Gruesome Discovery Near Hollywood Sign":

"Saturday afternoon hikers in Griffith Park know (or should know) to keep their eyes peeled for rattlesnakes and the occasional mountain lion on remote trails. Nobody expects to come across a human skull, but that’s exactly what happened on March 19.

"An unnamed pair of hikers were exploring an area between Brush Canyon and the Mulholland trails when they spotted what appeared to be a human skull. The hikers notified park rangers of the ghastly discovery, and police soon arrived to retrieve the remains.

"Forensics experts at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said the skull belonged to a female at least 20 years of age. The skull, described by LAPD lieutenant Ryan Schatz as very old, had been in the shadow of the Hollywood sign for an indeterminate time. Coroner’s examiners say the woman to whom the bone belonged died between one and ten years ago."

To read Cleaver's entire article, click HERE.

This latest discovery follows a pattern of human body parts being uncovered in the vicinity of the Bronson Caves, a location immortalized in numerous horror/science fiction films over the years, including such notorious cryptoscatological B-flick classics as White Zombie (1932), Robot Monster (1953), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), It Conquered the World (1956), The Brain from Planet Arous (1958), Earth vs. the Spider (1958), Invisible Invaders (1959), They Saved Hitler's Brain (1963), Equinox (1970), and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001).  

Not only do the Bronson Caves attract fictional monsters from the worlds of cinematic horror, but they seem to hold a spell over real life monsters as well.  What follow are just a few examples mentioned in Matt Hamilton's 3-27-16 L.A. Times article entitled "Human Skull Found in Griffith Park Identified as Adult Woman Who Died in the Last Decade":

"In 2010, a skull was found near a steep trail favored by experienced hikers.

"In 2012, two women found a 66-year-old man’s severed head near the Hollywood sign in the park. The man’s right hand and feet were later recovered. Last fall, a man was convicted of murder in connection with the case.

"A man who was convicted of meeting a minor for sex was found dead in January 2015 in the park. The coroner's office later determined that the cause of death was suicide."

To read Hamilton's entire article, click HERE

Such grisly events in the park go way back.  On May 4, 1986 investigative reporter Jeff Burbank published an article in the L.A. Times entitled "SPCA Strives to Combat Animal Sacrifices: Detective Tells Seminar That Satanic Cults May Be Responsible for Killings," from which the following information is excerpted:

"Members of satanic cults in the Southland have sacrificed animals and robbed human graves to follow the precepts of their bizarre religion, a Los Angeles police detective said last week [...].
"[Detective Patrick] Metoyer [of the criminal conspiracy division of the LAPD] said police and the [Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] have found the mutilated remains of cats and dogs at the scenes of satanic rituals in remote sections of Griffith Park. The animals are usually disemboweled, beheaded or burned, he said [...].

Metoyer said most cults engage in superstition and ritualistic magic. Cultists believe that sacrificing animals eliminates evil spirits, he said.
To read Burbank's entire article, click HERE.

As any Los Angeles resident knows, Griffith Park has long been rumored to be located on cursed land that boasts the presence of more than just a few evil spirits.  Joe Parzanese, author of an article entitled "The Terrible Curse of Griffith Park" (which can be found on his comprehensive Weird California blog), writes of the park:

"As if the ghosts, curses, and other general weirdness wasn't enough, urban legend also claims that there's some sort of creature lurking in the park and stalking its visitors. Three witnesses described it as 'humanoid of some sort. Its legs were very long as well as its feet and it was talking huge strides as it made its way down the street. Its back was bent back and its neck was very long and was bent forward. They said no human could be bent like this thing was. Its eyes were black, but it did have the whites as well. Its skin was transparent green, and it was wearing nothing but white pants and black shoes [...].  The history of Griffith Park is full of ghosts, death, fraud, a strange beast, and ostriches. Add into that [...] the usual Satanic Cults, animal sacrifice, prostitutes, etc, and Griffith Park easily earns its entry here at Weird California."

To read Parzanese's entire article, click HERE.

Below are a few photographs of Your Intrepid Reporter soaking up the weird energy of Bronson Canyon....

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