Friday, December 15, 2017

Stephen R. Bissette's CRYPTID CINEMA

I just posted the following review on Amazon, and thought I would pass it along here....

Stephen R. Bissette's CRYPTID CINEMA is one of my favorite film books of the year, along with Tom Weaver's UNIVERSAL TERRORS, Gary D. Rhodes' DRACULA'S DAUGHTER, and Maura McHugh's TWIN PEAKS:  FIRE WALK WITH ME.  This latest offering from Bissette's SpiderBaby Grafix (previously responsible for releasing such groundbreaking books as the TABOO horror anthologies and Bissette's own TYRANT series) is a valuable treasure trove of esoteric information about every noteworthy film involving "Bigfoot, Bayou Beasts, and Backwoods Bogeymen."  This weighty tome would make an excellent Christmas gift for any cryptozoology-minded cineaste.  Buy it NOW!

It's worth mentioning that this book was named "Best Popular Culture Cryptid Book of the Year" in Loren Coleman's annual Top Ten Best Cryptozoology Books.  Click HERE to see Coleman's entire list.

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