Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Priest and Two Dominatrices Walk Into a Church....

From Ben Feuerherd's 10-8-20 NEW YORK POST article entitled "Priest Arrested for Having Threesome with Corset-wearing Dominatrices on Church Altar":

A Louisiana priest was arrested for allegedly filming himself having sex with two dominatrices on the altar at his Catholic church, a report said Thursday.

The priest, identified by as the Rev. Travis Clark, was busted after a passerby saw the lights on later than usual on Sept. 30 and peeked inside Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River.

The unidentified witness saw the half-naked priest having sex with the two women, who were dressed in corsets and high-heeled boots. The altar was also adorned with stage lighting, several sex toys, and a cellphone mounted on a tripod that was recording the act.

The witness took video footage of the unholy trinity, then called police....

Click HERE to read the entire article.

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