Saturday, November 7, 2020

The "Rick & Gene Show" Gets Loopier (or) The Great Election Sting!

In my recent five-part SALON series about the true origins of QAnon, I wrote about the loopiness of a "Christian Patriot" radio show called THE B2T SHOW. In the most recent episode, you can watch 100% undiluted clinical insanity unfold before your eyes as a Christian seer calling herself "Amanda Grace" reveals what the Lord God Yahweh told her about Donald Trump's 2020 landslide victory.  But wait... that's not all!!! The venerable hosts of the show, Rick and his weird friend Gene, help Amanda explain to their viewers that wicked "destroyers" disguised as postal workers thwarted Trump's reelection by tainting, shredding, and switching vital pieces of pro-Trump ballots. Their proof? Why, the voice of God appeared in Amanda's skull at 3:00 A.M. and told her all of this, of course. What else?

"Now, the Lord usually repeats himself before something's about to happen. I've noticed this."

--Amanda Grace, THE B2T SHOW, 11-4-20

Also in this thrilling new episode, Rick & Gene insist that Trump's "white hats" (i.e., the mythical angels that are constantly helping Trump from behind the scenes even though, for some reason, they failed to help the Great Man get reelected) have cleverly set up the Democrats with a "blockchain watermark system" on every ballot. As a result, Biden and his cohorts will be arrested lickety-split. At one point in the episode, Rick even insists--with an utterly straight face--that without voter fraud, the electoral map would have been completely red. In the upper left-hand corner of Rick's personal map, one can see Biden's face with a "zero" right next to it. These "Christian Patriots" seriously believe that Biden received zero legitimate votes in 2020. Zero.

Allow me to quote from my own article for a moment:

This is the mentality you're dealing with. No amount of logic, common sense or reason can combat such convoluted delusions. These people are clearly the product of incessant brainwashing, and yet they think everyone else in the country is mind-controlled to such an extreme degree that people who do not support Trump are either A) soulless demon-worshippers or B) poor unfortunates incapable of understanding the obvious truths being unveiled by geniuses like "Rick B2T" and his pal "Gene." On Nov. 18, 1978, hundreds of "True Believers" in Guyana held similar beliefs, only seconds before they literally drank the Kool-Aid.

Needless to say, the divinely inspired predictions promoted so heavily by THE B2T SHOW will fail to come about just like every other prognostication these clowns have farted out of their noxious mouths over the course of the past four years. Eventually, they will have to dream up a new prediction to explain why the previous one never came true. And so on, and so on, and so on....

So, if you're feeling in a particularly masochistic mood, click HERE for over an hour of pure American madness.

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