Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conspiracy Music (Part 10)

Anatomy of a paradigm shift:  By the late 1960s, in the wake of all the information about the Central Intelligence Agency that diligent, and mostly unfunded, conspiracy researchers--such as Mae Brussell and Sherman Skolnick--released to the American public following the JFK assassination, this country’s knowledge of what the CIA was actually up to in the world broadened considerably.  Life in the United States had transformed since the apex of the 1950s when young American boys dreamed of such patriotic careers as playing professional baseball, piloting the first rocket ship to the moon, or battling the evils of Communism as a fearless secret agent à la Richard Carlson, star of the popular espionage television program I Led Three Lives (Lee Harvey Oswald’s favorite TV show as a child)Some of these idealistic young boys, only a few years after the twilight of the '50s, grew up and formed psychedelic rock bands rather than pledging their lives to the military-industrial complex.  Case in point:  Ed Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg and Ken Weaver of The Fugs who, in 1967, released this conspiracy-laden song entitled “CIA Man” on their third album, Virgin Fugs.  You can hear the entire song by clicking HERE.

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