Friday, March 8, 2013

Cryptoscatology in OTHERZINE

Media ecologist Gerry Fialka recently reviewed Cryptoscatology (as well as two related works, Doug Harvey's 2012 book patacritical Interrogation Techniques Anthology Volume 3 and Rodney Ascher's 2012 film ROOM 237:  BEING AN INQUIRY INTO THE SHINING IN 9 PARTS) for OTHERZINE.  
After reading this article, I discovered that I'm a "cosmic DJ" (!): 

"Ascher, Harvey, and Guffey are cosmic DJs:  MC-ULTRAs (reimagining the CIA mind-control program MK-ULTRA) as the antennae of the race—broadcasting the hidden effects of technologies."

You can read Fialka's entire article HERE.

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