Thursday, November 12, 2015

CHAMELEO and the Navy's Electromagnetic Warfare Range in the Lost Coast of California

A couple of months ago, the West Coast Action Alliance posted a detailed warning about the plans of the US Navy to transform the state of Washington's Olympic National Forest into a permanent "Electromagnetic Warfare Range."  Those of you who have read my book Chameleo, particularly pages 260-264, will be interested in the following excerpt from the WCAA's September update on this issue: 

"The US Navy plans to permanently use and periodically close large swathes of the Olympic National Forest, along with airspace over it and the Olympic National Park as well as the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, for electromagnetic warfare testing and training. They are also ramping up their use of explosives and sonar and training activities in the waters surrounding the Olympic Peninsula. Their stated goal is to turn the western portion of the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding waters into an Electromagnetic Warfare Range. This means electronic warfare will be practiced over our homes, public lands and waters, and massive sonar and explosive activity will occur in the rich waters surrounding Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, in perpetuity.
"The Navy’s Northwest Training Range extends from the innermost reaches of Puget Sound to the outer coast of Washington, and south to the Lost Coast region of California in northern Mendocino County [emphasis mine]. It goes out 250 nautical miles from the coast. Just the ocean part encompasses an area larger than the State of California. A lawsuit resulted in some concessions by the Navy to respect biologically sensitive areas in Hawaii and Southern California until 2018, but no such concessions apply in the Pacific Northwest."

Note the fact the that the southernmost edge of this Training Range is located in "the Lost Coast region of California," the very same area where so many anomalous (and ostensibly "paranormal") events were witnessed by residents of Humboldt County in 2011, as chronicled in the final five pages of Chameleo and the September 2013 issue of Fortean Times Magazine.

To read the WCAA's entire report, click HERE.

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