Monday, November 30, 2015

Seattle Book Mama Reviews Chameleo

Chameleo has just been reviewed by Seattle Book Mama:

"Guffey’s story, which includes the Masons, the Illuminati (note the cover), and assorted other conspiratorial ingredients that would ordinarily cause me to stay completely fucking clear of this whacked out tale, follows Dion as far north as Minnesota, then oh dear God, to Seattle where Guffey was staying.  But just as it seems it can’t get any more strange and stressful, the whole thing becomes hilarious!  Your humble reviewer sat and laughed out loud about two-thirds of the way into the story, and the lighter tone that marks the book until near the end is what prevents the whole thing from degenerating into a bottomless abyss.... 

"...those that question authority and wonder just how far the U.S. government has strayed from its stated ideals will welcome this strange little book, which is just well documented enough to convince me that it’s entirely true."

To read the entire book review, click HERE

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