Thursday, November 12, 2015

Joachim Hagopian's "The War Drums are Beating"

A fascinating analysis of Saturday night's brazen and dramatic "Light in the Sky" display over Los Angeles has been offered by Joachim Hagopian of the Centre of Research on Globalization in a 11-11-15 article entitled "The War Drums are Beating:  Two Trident Missiles Launched Over Los Angeles.  Act of Provocation Directed Against Russia and China?"  What follows is a brief excerpt:

"[...] now the US missile launches are the latest events in this highly disturbing series of incidents intentionally provoking rising global tensions. The BBC headline read 'Mysterious Light in the Sky Spooks California.' Posted YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook went into overdrive with the West all abuzz over the strange unannounced occurrence. The US Navy’s decision to fire off a thermonuclear missile (unarmed or not) into the western skies overlooking Los Angeles was sending a clear indisputable message to the entire world. By making it such a public spectacle witnessed by hundreds of thousands in America’s second largest metropolis, Washington’s clear intention was launching another recklessly alarming shot across the bow aimed directly at warning Russia and China to 'back off or else.'

"The range of the Trident II missiles launched is 4000 nautical miles, within full reach of Beijing. What is most evident is that the US government is reacting to Russia and China’s challenge to US global dominance as the world’s most powerful nation on earth. The message is clear – continue challenging America’s previously uncontested belligerent rule over the planet and the US will instigate a global war.

"These unprecedented reckless events also culminate last week’s three Congressional subcommittee hearings with top warmongering brass that didn’t even bother to question if a world war can be avoided but already presumed it can’t and won’t [...].  Meanwhile, as part of its global war prepping, a massive six week NATO exercise begun last month entered its final week involving 36,000 troops, 200 aircraft and 60 ships spanning air, land and sea in three countries in the largest NATO war games in thirteen years.

"Strategically timed just hours prior to Saturday’s missile launch from the nearby neocon holy grounds of the Ronald Reagan Library, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter reiterated the US position that it will not tolerate Russia and China 'challenging the world order.' The United States is determined to reign supreme in keeping its sole world superpower status at all cost amidst the rising power of the East vowing to stand up both economically and militarily to America’s ruthless unipolar dominance. Unlike the first cold war when the US was reluctantly at least willing to share a balance of power of deterrence, the arrogant policymakers today are rigidly opposed to sharing global power with Russia and China."

To read Hagopian's entire article, click HERE.

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