Friday, November 13, 2015

Postal Worker Karim Baker "Systematically Harassed" by NYPD

Compare the Kafkaesque details of the following New York Daily News report with the harassment experienced by Dion Fuller (as documented in the pages of my recent book, Chameleo):

"A former FedEx driver claims he has been subjected to a police campaign of harassment that culminated in a brutal beatdown because he unwittingly gave an assassin directions to the Brooklyn housing project where the punk killed two brave cops.

"Karim Baker says he had no idea Ismaaiyl Brinsley was about to gun down Detectives Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu last December when he helped him out.

"In the months since, Baker says he has been stopped 20 times — but never ticketed — for supposed traffic infractions by vengeful cops before he was assaulted by gang officers on Oct. 21.

"'I have nothing in my heart against law enforcement at all,' said Baker, who now works for the Postal Service and is the son of a former correction officer. 'I have no hatred at all toward law enforcement.'

"The NYPD confirmed it was investigating the circumstances of Baker’s arrest last month because he suffered a cracked lip and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital. But police denied they harassed Baker.

"Police say they have no issue with Baker because he cooperated with their investigation of Brinsley and the tragic double murder.

"But the NYPD also admitted it doesn’t document car stops in which motorists are neither arrested nor summonsed.

"Baker’s lawyer, Eric Subin, said that’s convenient.

"'Twenty times in a year is a lot of times to be pulled over and never issued a summons,' he said. 'This is our strongly held theory. It’s too much of a bizarre coincidence not to hold water.'

"Subin said Baker has had enough and is filing a notice of claim Tuesday in Queens Supreme Court in advance of a state lawsuit."

The similarities between the senseless, vengeful stalking of Dion Fuller by the NCIS and the persecution of Karim Baker by the NYPD are palpable.  To read Rocco Parascandola and Corky Siemaszko's entire article (entitled "Man Alleges Harassment, Bloody Beating by NYPD after He Unknowingly Gave Directions to Cop Killer"), simply click HERE.

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