Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Attack of the Camouflage Midgets

Chameleo mavens, please take note:  According to WYFF in South Carolina, "camouflage midgets" are attacking people in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  Here are the opening paragraphs of Stephanie Towers' 11-10-15 report:

"Deputies responded to a 911 call Sunday from a couple who said they were seeing possums and people jumping out of their refrigerator and microwave, according to an incident report.

"Spartanburg County deputies said they could not find the address the couple initially gave the 911 dispatcher, but eventually found Brandon Terry and Casey Fowler. The couple said they accidentally gave the wrong address, but had called 911 several times throughout the night.

"The report said the couple had called 911 five times during the night.

"The deputy who responded to the calls asked the couple if they were on drugs and they told him no, the report said.

"Terry and Fowler told the deputy they had pictures of worms coming out of the floor of their vehicle and had pictures of 'midgets' and other people dressed in camouflage."
I do hope these midgets are being paid overtime for being forced to work on a Sunday.  To read Towers' entire report, click HERE.

If you see any camouflaged midgets yourself on this pleasant Wednesday evening, please do wish them a Happy Veterans Day and remember to add, "Thank you for your service!"  Where would America be without their staunch vigilance?

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