Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Recommended reading:  Andrew Patrick's article "Masons and the Holocaust" in the latest issue of THE SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL (November/December 2018).  Here are the first two paragraphs:

"The persecutions carried out by the Third Reich against Jews and other groups deemed racially 'unworthy' is widely known to educated people throughout the world.  What may be less well known is the fear and suspicion held against Freemasons by the Nazis.

"Many countries have, at various times, sought to suppress or outlaw Freemasonry, usually out of suspicion of them as a 'secret society.'  The Papal States had a condemnation of the Masons in the early 18th century, as did the Ottoman Empire.  In Europe during the 20th Century, both fascist regimes such as Mussolini's Italy and communist regimes such as the Soviet Union outlawed Freemasonry.  Francisco Franco's Nationalist government in Spain was quite brutally repressive of Masons for decades.  But Nazi Germany had a special distrust of them...."

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